Van Halen Member Makes Stunning AC/DC Tour Remark


There is a new game on Twitter where users list several artists they’ve seen live on tour, and one is a lie. Wolfgang Van Halen played, revealing that he’s seen AC/DC, Nine Inch Nails, Meshuggah, Taylor Swift, Tool, and Peter Gabriel live. Radiohead was the lie. He also discussed a Malcolm Young AC/DC tour guitar.

He tweeted, “Alright, I’ll do one.

Nine Inch Nails
Taylor Swift
Peter Gabriel.”

He later tweeted, “(It was Radiohead).”

A fan tweeted, “Although I’ve seen the answer, I refuse to believe that anyone with the last name of Van Halen would ever see Taylor Swift in concert. Sorry, can’t deal with life at the moment.”

Wolfgang responded, “My good buddy, @paulsidoti plays for her. He plays a Wolfgang and even whips out a Frankenstein replica every now and then. It was the perfect answer in that twitter music game thing to throw everyone off 😬.”

Wolfgang recently wrote on Instagram, “The second I saw they made replicas of Malcolm Young’s Jet, I had to get it. AC/DC, and Malcolm especially, have always been a huge influence on me. #MalcolmYoung #ACDC.”

“The happiest of birthdays to my beautiful and amazing mother. Thanks for helping me be alive and all of that stuff. Love you, Ma!! ❤️ @wolfiesmom.”