Ex-Guns N’ Roses Member: ‘I Didn’t Quit Pretty, I’m Not A Utility You Hire’


Ex-Guns N’ Roses guitarist Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal was asked if he had seen the reunited partial classic lineup of Guns N’ Roses perform in concert in a new WRIF interview, Thal said: “No. It just feels kind of weird. I quit the band and they moved on and I moved on. It’s not like we quit pretty. And also, what am I gonna do? I’m gonna stand in the audience and everyone’s gonna be, like, ‘Hey, you used to be there.’ It’s too weird, man.

“I wish ’em well and all, but to actually physically go [and see them], after hundreds of times on the stage with them, it just feels very surreal,” he continued. “I always describe it like going to see your ex-girlfriend’s wedding. And I don’t mean any disrespect by that, and I do wish them well and I’m happy that they’re doing so, so good. But for me to go and see it, it would just stir up a lot of stuff. So it’s better that I’m just doing my thing, they’re doing their thing and everybody just wishes each other well from afar. And I get lots of good reports from friends and everything and I’m still in touch with people in the camp. I’m real happy for them — they’re on top of the world right now, so good for them.”

He also said, “For me I need to be super creative. I’m just not the kind of guy that is a utility that you hire, and plays, and gets paid, and that’s it, no. It means the world to me what I’m doing, and who I’m doing it with.”

  • Brendan Quinn


    Was my reaction circa 1991 when Use Your Illusions 1 and 2 came out.

    I remember riffing on Have a Cigar by Floyd, a la “By the way, which one’s GILBY?”

    Honestly, what parent would name a child, what musician would name THEMSELVES, and what kind of PERSON would name fucking ANYTHING other than a fictional stuffed-toy children’s TV character fucking “GILBY”? No sound in the history of vibrating air particles bears a closer resemblance to the desperately sad, sympathy gesture of TITTY FUCKING than the sound made whenever anyone says “GILBY,” and yes, including the words “TITTY FUCK.”

    I ranted all of the above in order to pose the following question:

    Who in the actual, literal, cursed name of the Vatican City Gilby Clark Theme-World Adventure Park, is this Grundlefly motherfucker, and why in the name of backmasked fuckery would I EVER want to hear of, from, about, any utterance emanating from it, let alone READ A FUCKING TRANSCRIPT OF THE WORDS THEMSELVES.

    If I want to fill my gourd with the sub-useless infernal buzzing whine of NOTHING REMOTELY INTERESTING, RELEVANT, OR IN ANY CONCEIVABLE WAY CAPABLE OF PRODUCING ANY OUTCOME OTHER THAN MILD TO POTENTIALLY-HARMFUL ANNOYANCE THROUGH SUSTAINED, GRATUITOUS, IRRATIONAL VERBAL ONSLAUGHT WITH EXPLICIT THREATS OF WEAPON VIOLENCE….I’d type the letters ‘B’ ‘o’ ‘no’ and ‘o’ in to a search engine, and, if no responsible grown ups were present in order to prevent such foolishness, I’d HIT THE MOTHERFUCKIN’ ENTER KEY AND KEEP LOOKING.

    Luckily the medication, at this dose and strength, stops the whispers madness that seek to inject poisonous, corrosive thoughts into my mind…not that they ever stooped THAT low.

    PS: Did I mention U2 and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers take turns as The Antichrist? Weird in a way, who’d have thought that MERELY MENTIONING THE CONCEPT OF ‘CATHOLIC ROCK,’ WOULD, IN OF ITSELF, BE ONE OF THE MOST BLASPHEMOUS SOUNDS A LIVING BEING MIGHT UTTER? Go figure.

    • nomad

      Wow. I have no idea what you just said, but it was awesome