Friend ‘Appalled’ By Chester Bennington’s Funeral: ‘Heavily Influenced People Spewed Bullshit’


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Late Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington’s ex-wife Samantha recently made a Facebook post heavily criticizing his funeral. Shannon Leigh B wrote Samantha a comment on her Facebook post:

Samantha You are one of my best and dearest friends so watching you and Chesters beautiful son Draven go through this complete circus side show is completely heartbreaking to say the least !

I wanted to give time from the service before I spoke about my opinion but now after reading what you wrote I think it appropriate to say it now !

You are a class act and your handling of this tough situation was with kindness care and dignity!!
I wish I could say the same about the rest of the funeral ??☹️

I was throughly appalled by the half assess preparation or lack their of for the service . It seemed like very little effort put into sending him off with a joyous celebration ? and honoring his memory ! No real recognition for any one except “T” & there years together.

The guest list & front door fiasco was a joke .. back stage passes /Lanier’s , wristbands & lapel pins were silly and confusing” Are we going to a concert or celebration of life ???”

The cocktail party programs were tacky and lacked any real care or consideration …Show some love for the amazingly talented man who brought joy to so many others !!
Frankly All I heard was a bunch of bull shit spewed from “heavily influenced “people telling inappropriate lies & stories the whole service trying to make “T” feel better …. why ??
Don’t praise the woman who tortured him to the brink of no return … what’s wrong with you people !!! She doesn’t deserve praise for any of it !!!

No matter how star studded with talented musicians the hallelujah song in the opening left much to the imagination and was lacking in any real emotion .. even worse they and the harp player managed to make it into the program over the children and family ? simply unacceptable !!!
Where was the celebration of his life ? Where were pictures of him and his children ? Where was his Urn for the children to see ? Or friends to pay respect too?
Why was Draven not asked or given the opportunity to speak
? Why did the program not have any family info at all ? The list goes on .. & on …. ??? why why why ?????
Why didn’t they honor him &
give him the grand good bye like he deserves !
Why didn’t anyone Show some Recognition to both his parents / all his siblings / all the children &. life partners new & old ..

*** And Damn it
show some respect to “Samantha” the woman who stood by his side from 19 yrs old & believed in him so much that she sacrificed for there dreams and his true life calling !! *****
That very same dream that has afforded so many ungrateful & forgetful people to have the cushy lives they live and are trying to capitalize on , now more in the wake of this tragedy !!
It’s quite Funny how silly people can be … if it weren’t for the blood sweat & tears from YOU & Chester so long ago . LP would not have been what they are !! Funny how quickly people forget those who helped them rise and all the pivotal people it takes to make a dream like that come true !! I cannot believe the level of disrespect if it weren’t for YOU … Some would not have the life style they abuses so often !!!

Then to top it all off The complete disregard for including Draven and his support group in the bowling ? after the funeral was just disgusting !!
How do you exclude and treat any child that way, especially one so amazing and sweet “Shame” on you “T” for not including everyone Shame, shame on you !! your a mother you should know better !!!
How could you be so cruel to a kid who just lost his dad and not include him with his siblings !!

What do u hope to gain by
Trying to force him to go into the house so he can have some belongings of his father its just outright horrible and cruel … No one should ever have to be in a house they don’t want to … let alone forced to go to the scene of something so personal and fresh … respect his wishes and have some compassion !!!

Sam you have always shown and lead by example even when faced with uncomfortable situations when Chester meet “T” you fully supported there marriage and over the years did numerous trips holidays and family outing together with them and the children you have always treat the children as if they were your own !! You even let the whole family ( Chester , T, Tyler , her mom & there nanny move into your house while they were going through invetro to have the twins . I mean seriously not that many people would do that for there ex and his new wife and children !

I’m so disappointed ???? things could have been much more appropriately handled with care and class ☹️
Sending you both love & light and healing energy in your time of grief ❤️

Samantha responded, “I love you & wow that is TRUTH. You saw it all you were there. Thank you for sticking up for us & stating the truth! I’m so appreciative of your coming forward & sharing this.”