Hole Guitarist Reveals How Courtney Love’s ‘Megalomania’ Destroyed Band


Marcel Anderson recently interviewed former Hole guitarist Eric Erlandson. Keep in mind these excerpts are translated so the verbiage isn’t exactly right. Erlandson discussed the downfall of Hole.

Anders: Can you ask, why Hole failed as a band?

Erlandson: When we started, we had a specific goal and a lot of plans. I seriously thought we would change the world. But when I look back, I have to admit: we were just a band. We’ve achieved a bit, but I’ve also realized that you can only change the world if you really reach people.

Anders: Did not you succeed?

Erlandson: No. We had a song that was about to reach the top 40 in America. But then Courtney brought everything to a standstill. And that’s why I’m talking about a classic case of megalomania, with which she shot herself in the foot. So bad that it was incomprehensible to anyone. She went on stage in Vancouver and said, “This is our last show, I’m off to make a movie.”

An underground film about the life of William Burroughs, which hardly anyone has seen. Why did everyone ask: For that she broke off the tour and dissolved the band? It did not make sense. We have been scrounging for ten years. And I still lived in a bastard when we recorded “Celebrity Skin”. Our record company said we sold 1.5 million copies of Live Through This and 1.5 million of Celebrity Skin. But unlike them, I never saw a dime.

  • GetReal

    I believe it, that ugly hag has always been self obsessed. She’s also a mediocre actress at best, Madonna might be a little better.

  • Sean Barnes

    She is proof that money cannot buy success. Born into millions, she can’t pay people enough to like her yes she’s that terrible. Probably actually net worth less now than the day she was born

    • Helen

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    • ricky_fitts

      100% agreed. So much money for pills, fake skin, lips… 🙁 Kurt wasn’t happy either, but at least some of what he did brought out the best in him.

  • BullHead

    Everytime I hear about C.L. I get mad bowel movements.. The only reason we still hearing about the old junkie hag is because she tragically decided to marry that guy 25 our some years ago.

    • Corndog

      The only reason we are still hearing about him is that he tragically decided to kill himself.

  • Dustin Robert

    SHE has a good Rocker chic voice and wasnt bad in movies but wasnt a big star. SHE gts starpower from the Legend her Man is! Yoko Ono isnt talented but is heard of! Why? Bc of Her Legend Man..They will be ALWAYS recognized bc of the Greats they were lovers of

    • Ric Zuniga

      She had a good Rocker voice?? Are you F-ing high?? She couldn’t play guitar, she sure as hell couldn’t sing. She could never write a song by herself. As Kurt wrote I wish I was like you, easily amused.

      • Rodney M

        U said it bro

    • ALittleBitOfSomething

      I have to disagree about her voice. Kurt did a lot of behind the scenes / for no credit on Hole’s first album, which is why it is their best. Then he killed himself. Courtney has a big personality but not a good singing voice, imo, and can barely play the guitar (have you ever heard of her doing a solo? No. Even rhythm guitars occasionally do solos!).
      I do agree that she’s still living off of Kurt (as Yoko is with John).

      • Le9

        I get opinions, but maybe punk and pop rock aesthetics aren’t your thing? On technical vocal criteria alone, beyond opinion, she was a Tri-Ple Threat in her prime; very clear screamer, accurate clean pitch, stylish deviations so she stood out… Not to mention the personality to back it up. Girl was no slouch as a frontman. Like it or not her style did earn her some solid cred before Kurt came around. Pretty On the Inside was Hole’s 1st album and she killed on it.

        • ALittleBitOfSomething

          That’s the only album of theirs that I liked — and, as I said, it was mostly due to Kurt’s influence.
          I was around for all of that; I went to at least one NYHC (New York Hard Core) show a week, usually more.
          Quite honestly, you’re trying to debate opinions. Which is silly. I don’t care about your opinions, and I’m sure you don’t care about mine.
          As for your comparison of punk and pop, we will never agree on them being in the same genre and I’m not the only one disagreeing with you on here.
          How young are you? I don’t mean it as an insult, I just think that since I was older during that time period, I probably understood things better than you did.
          Blessed Be.

          • Le9

            Kim Gordon’s influence was more apparent than anyone’s, I’d think. Also it’s rumored Kurt contributed greatly to Live Through This rather than to POtI. Pop and punk were mentioned as being Courtney’s vocal style. I assumed your distaste was due to not liking those forms of music, which is a fair explanation for an opinion, not an argument against it.

            Those other qualities I mentioned would make anyone a strong performer by average standards. I’m pointing out to you that all her success as a performer is definitely not simply because of Kurt. She’s actually very convincing at her best (owing somewhat to her narcissism) which is a valuable asset for Any entertainer. Money can’t buy that affinity, and she knew how to work an audience. Opinions aren’t debatable, true, but whether or not someone has an effective skill is.

          • ALittleBitOfSomething

            Why would you assume that I don’t like that kind of music? That’s where I stopped reading — why not guess my hair or eye color, too. You’ll get as close as you did with my taste in music lol

          • Le9


          • ALittleBitOfSomething

            Please look up “opinion”. Everything you wrote is your opinion. And I’m not going to debate your opinion because I don’t care about it. I think you come off as pretentious and silly. If I hadn’t lived through it, I’d avoid the music if your opinion was the only one I saw.

  • ALittleBitOfSomething

    I know they said the verbiage isn’t exactly right, but I laughed when I read, “I still lived in a bastard”! Lol

  • Trovoid

    Did he really not get paid well (or at all) for those first several Hole albums? That would be pretty messed up considering how many of the songs he wrote and contributed to.. I would be pissed.