Robert Plant Reveals Disturbing Health Secret


Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant has announced that he will retire when he dies in a new interview. “I’ll probably retire when I run out of breath.” He said he understands why his friend Elton John is retiring, but he isn’t ready. Robert Plant was recently stunned by a terrible concert paycheck.

“Elton is looking for more time to spend with his family, and that’s not a bad idea. But my family always says, ‘Keep going, Dad.’

“Elton has his own ideas and everybody does, but I haven’t actually split the atom. I haven’t reached a point where I’ve got nothing left, and I feel pretty good about what I do. I love to tour and I love to sing and twist the songs around.”

Jimmy Page revealed a painful John Bonham photo yesterday. A fan recently asked co-host Matt Everitt if Robert Plant’s ‘Digging Deep’ podcast has ended. Judith asked, “Has the Robert Plant podcast ended. Shame as I really enjoyed them.” Matt responded, “Season 2 on the way!” Judith then said, “Brilliant and thank you for the reply. I really am enjoying the chats. If you ever get a chance to chat about Big Log or the Shaken n Stirred LP where Robert channels Art of Noise and Talking Heads. Sixes and Sevens being a great vocal. A bonkers masterpiece.”

Jimmy Page canceling a performance after a ‘sickness’ was recently revealed. gibsonfan159 posted on the Led Zeppelin forum recently about the ‘Digging Deep’ podcast as it neared the end of its first season.

“I’m glad he’s finally got around to talking about Zep tunes, but his reluctance to give any true insight or details about the song production is frustrating. He constantly beats around the bush and makes jokes but never really tells us anything we don’t already know. Car crash? Check. Wheelchair? Check. Based on Morocco? Check. I did find it interesting that he mentions Maureen’s morphine use after the crash. Could that have been what caused their split?” Plant made his comments in a new Ottawa Citizen interview.