Holidae House Are Next Great Innovative Pacific Northwest Band


The Pacific Northwest has a long, rich and varied history of producing cutting edge music with a take no prisoners attitude with regard to its brute honesty and unwavering convictions. Fairly or not, the music most associated with part of the country is alternative- more specifically, grunge. That’s not to say other music and other styled bands haven’t flourished in this region. The latest band to do so- Holidae House.

The progressive rock/ indie hybrid power trio are prepared to set the musical landscape ablaze with their upcoming E.P., Fire and Ember. Combining alternative rock sensibilities with a tight musicianship and fantastic guitar work, Holidae House sit poised to leave a big mark with their upcoming three-song release.

“Wild Eyes Turn Red”, the opening track sets the pace with an undeniable Radiohead influence- think Kid A era- combined with an exciting chorus and fantastic instrumental passages. Three-piece bands generally have a lot of ground to cover and it takes exceptional musicians with solid chops and undeniably high chemistry to make it work- Holidae House excel in these two areas.

When you think progressive rock, you’re likely to think Pink Floyd. Maybe Rush. Maybe Yes. But progressive doesn’t always have to be a literal definition of the music itself. It can be more about the attitude. Or the attack. That is what’s most progressive- and impressive about Holidae House here; especially “Wild Eyes Turn Red”. There’s a lot of synth-rock out there. A lot of watered down rock and roll in the shape of a circle desperately wanting to fit into a square slot. That’s not the case with here. The brashness to say no to the collective and follow your own path- that’s progressive.

Fire and Ember will be independently released May 23rd, 2018. Holidae House’s charismatic and atmospheric E.P. should level set your excitement and anticipation for more great music to follow. Make sure to check out Holidae House across their various social media sites below! “Wild Eyes Turn Red” can be streamed on their Soundcloud!