Foo Fighters Get Tested For COVID-19


Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins revealed that he’s been tested for COVID-19 35-40 times, and that the entire band are now tested before anytime they get together to play virtually and do photoshoots. A new Kerrang article states:

Bet your DNA they can’t. Just north of breakfast, in Los Angeles drummer Taylor Hawkins is taking his ​“35th or 40th” test for COVID-19.

At their last proper concert, on October 1, 2019, the Foo Fighters played for more than 36,000 people at the Estadio El Campin, in Bogota, Colombia. Fifteen months later, in order to simply play music together in the same room, the group’s six members are required to submit to invasive medical procedures. So it goes. On the phone to Kerrang!, the 48-year-old breaks off from answering questions in order to attend to the demands of an unheard administrator stuffing a swab up his nose.

To the muffled sound of theatrical complaints, we hear the words, ​“Two brain-ticklers. Oh my God. Oh my God!” The drummer then provides his date of birth, ​“February 17, 1972.” Job done, he completes the rest of the interview from the driver’s seat of his ​“really shitty truck”, a Subaru Baja. ​“The reception will be better in there,” he says. Spoiler alert: not by much.

Foo Fighters just released their new album Medicine at Midnight, but they’ve been relegated to virtual performances and interviews to promote the record.