Foo Fighters Stunned By Disturbing Blink-182 Bombshell


Former Foo Fighters drummer William Goldsmith has been posting multiple videos recently on Facebook about former Blink-182 singer/guitarist Tom DeLonge and his search for aliens and UFO’s, including videos from his new History Channel series and from his To The Stars Academy. He also linked to a People article titled: ‘Aliens Exist: Tom DeLonge on Leaving Blink-182 to Blow the Lid Off the ‘Biggest Secret on Earth.’

Last year, Goldsmith described the ‘cruelty’ of Dave Grohl, claiming he wishes he never met him.

Goldsmith said about DeLonge’s History Channel series, “I don’t have cable – wanted to watch it – I’ll figure out a way to at some point.”

A friend called DeLonge and his collaborators ‘disinformation’ agents. Goldsmith responded, “Disinformation negative – agenda driven – its very possible. Hal Puthoff is a man of integrity as far as what has been independently verified to me by someone who’s research and vetting process is bullet proof. This was done by way of Several extensive heart to heart conversations with Hal Puthoff.

The significance of the military events that have come to light as well as the personnel that have gone on the record as a result of this project cannot be overstated. The fact remains that the ball is being moved further down the field. Its important to not allow oneself to throw positive out with what one perceives to be negative. Bathwatering, to use a term coined by Shawn Pickering and Clay Pickering is of course from the old saying which I don’t need to waste time stating because it’s extremely common is a way of identifying this almost as common mistake researchers can make. I know because I’ve done it.

A good example clay Pickering used once was pointing out that even if you dont agree with 100% of everything that Dr. Steven Greer has said or done – it doesn’t change the fact that the disclosure conference that he put together was seminal work. If you have proof that these guys are disinformation that is undeniably concretised then I would very much so be interested in gaining an understanding of that proof because that would be extremely important for all researchers to be made aware of.”

DeLonge told People why he left Blink-182 to chase UFO’s.

“It took me 25 years to really digest this subject and have a foundation for dealing with what I have to deal with now. Then suddenly expecting people to get it, by throwing it out there over a few articles? People were like, ‘He’s lost his mind. He’s chasing monsters.’ No, not exactly, but you will find out soon enough. Yes, I’ll be vindicated, but that’s not why I’m doing this. I’m doing this because we need it, and I’m sick of people like my brother going off to war, to fight with our neighbors, with our brothers. We should not be killing each other over anything on this planet.”