How Guns N’ Roses Could Celebrate Appetite For Destruction’s 30th Anniversary


Edited by Brett Buchanan

If you type into Google: ‘What is the best-selling debut album of all time in the United States,’ Guns N’ Roses’ Appetite for Destruction comes up as the result. Two years of making their name on the Sunset Strip in the mid-80’s paid off in the form of selling 18 million copies in the U.S. alone.

Thirty years later and it is still one of the most popular rock and roll records of all time. With its 7 singles and huge commercial success, Appetite tends to be fans’ favorite GNR album. July 21st will be its 30th birthday, and GNR kick off their latest tour in St. Louis six days later. While GNR haven’t announced official plans to commemorate the anniversary, Steven Adler hinted the manager Fernando Lebeis has ‘ideas’ in a recent interview. Let’s take a look at some of the things GNR could do to mark the 30th anniversary of Appetite for Destruction.

izzystradlinIzzy Stradlin

It wouldn’t be an Appetite celebration if it didn’t include the Appetite lineup. Izzy Stradlin was a key component to the band, as he co-wrote many songs with Axl Rose. Additionally, he added a Keith Richards-esque component of cool to the band. Though members have stated that current rhythm-guitar player Richard Fortus shares similarities with Izzy, he’s just not Izzy.

adlergnrbacknewSteven Adler…All The Time

Again, it is not Appetite without Steven Adler. In many interviews, he has expressed that regardless of what happened in the past, he will always see the other four members of the original lineup as his brothers, and that they created something special that can never be done again. So, Steven’s past mishaps should be forgiven, and he should be at every show. Even if he is only allowed to play Appetite songs, he deserves to be the drummer playing them. He was brought to select shows on the 2016 tour, but we want him at every single one.

GunsnRosesAppetiteforDestructionalbumcoverMore Songs Off Appetite

What would REALLY be cool is if GNR played Appetite from start to finish…but that’s just wishful thinking. While they do already typically play “It’s So Easy,” “Welcome to the Jungle,” “Mr. Brownstone,” “Nightrain,” “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” “Paradise City,” and “Rocket Queen,” some of us still have an ‘appetite’ for more. “Out Ta Get Me” and “My Michelle” were usually the songs Steven Adler played when he was brought on stage last year, but they should be permanently added to the setlist. While we could do without tracks like “You’re Crazy” and “Anything Goes,” I think many of us can agree we would still rather hear those than “The Seeker.”

gnrgilbyStray Away From Use Your Illusion-Mirrored Performances

I wasn’t even alive for the ‘Use Your Illusion’ Tour in the early 90’s, but I have watched several of the shows start to finish on YouTube and video. The ‘Not In This Lifetime’ Tour almost mirrors these performances. Granted, they only have so many songs from the records they put out, but Slash doing “The Godfather Theme Song” and Duff singing a song off of The Spaghetti Incident? all happened back then too, leading to a predictable setlist. Obviously the addition of material off Chinese Democracy adds a nice new element to the show, but more performances of their own material like ”Used to Love Her” and playing BOTH “Don’t Cry” and “Patience” in the encore would please fans much more than the covers and instrumentals. It is their reunion tour, but sometimes it seems more like a continuation of the one they were on 24 years ago. By no means is this a complaint, because I am extremely grateful that Guns N’ Roses have reunited, but it would be great to see more of an emphasis on their own material this summer, especially since it’s been thirty years of Appetite.

  • Allison Auld

    I can’t see them playing Appetite straight through on a nightly basis. What they should do is schedule a one-off sometime in the summer at the old Ritz in NYC (now Webster Hall) where “Live from the Ritz” was filmed in 1988 (one of their best concerts). They could play Appetite straight through, film it and sell it as a DVD, with interviews and lots of extras. Definitely invite Steven and Izzy. It would be the hottest ticket in town.

  • Love of Country

    As long as you have Axl and Slash then everything is doable.

    Now take me down to the Paradise City where the grass is green and the girls are pretty …….. Oh won’t you please take me home!

  • andrew dods

    Patience!! And All of A for Destruction. Saw them in Adelaide. Was great; but no Patience 🙁

    • Anonymous501

      I didn’t get Patience in Seattle either. I actually thought they played too much appetite and not enough from lies and the UYI albums 🙁

  • kra nog

    I think I’m the only person that would rather see Sorum back over Adler! 🙂

    • Nicholas Scott Yordon

      Fuck Adler. I’d rather see Sorum back to. I could care less about Adler. I comment on all his recent news stories and interviews. Adler is still stuck in 1987..

    • myiagi900

      no id agree with u, slash duff and matt were solid in the illusion tour and velvet revolver,,matt is a way better drummer ,it was him that made up the you could be mine intro on drums

  • Martin Honan

    Huge fan very appreciative for the reunion, but do they really need two keyboardist?

  • John an English Fan

    Steven Adler, the original drummer and a major reason why Appetite for
    Destruction was such a success due to his unique style. Guns n’
    Roses haven’t come close to the brilliance of that album and the reason
    is blatantly obvious, leaving Adler and Izzy out. Get those guys back in
    the line up whatever it takes and then we’ll see a truly magical
    revival, one to top them all, possibly matching or exceeding what we
    witnessed back in the day. Come on guys let’s do this properly, for your