Gene Simmons Parties With Daughter In Creepy Photos


Gene Simmons creepily went into character as his ‘The Demon’ alter-ego in hilarious 70th birthday party photos with daughter Sophie, son Nick, and wife Shannon. What a lovely looking family! Slash revealed a gross photo of Gene Simmons yesterday.

A critical fan named star_paul12 praised Simmons on the forums on his birthday after being critical of him for a long time, “Like so many others, I can really only characterize my feelings for Gene as ‘complex’ at best. He’s undoubtedly said and done (and been accused of doing) so many things that I find to be, in short, repulsive and grossly selfish. A lot of that is really hard for me to get past. And in part, any praise of him that I offer has to require me dismissing those things, which also leaves me feeling gross and as though I’ve turned my back on my values.

But as we know to be true time and time again, life is complex and tricky and chaotic and unorganized and all those other adjectives we use to capture the messiness of it all.

Just as I’ve often found Gene’s antics to be irredeemable I’ve too found him, from the time I was a kid, to be an awfully inspiring figure. A person with great drive and determination, which has no doubt influenced me and my life in immeasurable ways. Gene’s story is fascinating and I do believe he’s genuinely grateful for the way his life has turned out.

Gene is a paradox—incredibly smart yet horrifically shortsighted and tone deaf. Simultaneously humble and the blatant epitome of arrogance and pompousness. I don’t say these things to disparage him on his birthday, but really just to offer a snapshot of my complex feelings about a man that I can only describe as complex as well.

Last night I settled in with a couple of glasses of whiskey neat and watched some recent kiss shows on YouTube. At one point, it really hit me that our Demon really is now 70, and just how absolutely wild that is. I was watching him glide across the stage (at a noticeably slower and bedraggled pace now, of course) and just thought ‘it’s astounding that he’s still up there doing that, night after night, and only two years younger than my grandma.’ And it really is.

So, to the Demon, happy 70th. I’ve spent about as much of my life loathing you and wishing you’d keep your mouth shut as I have admiring you and being influenced by what has come out of it. Thanks for giving me, and a lot of other kids along the way, a reason to believe in ourselves and for offering us a blueprint for how to actualize that confidence into something meaningful.” Gene Simmons’ daughter recently released cowgirl photos.