Axl Rose Angers Fans At Late Guns N’ Roses Show


Fans turning up to witness the legendary rock band Guns N’ Roses at North London’s Tottenham Hotspur Stadium are completely frustrated. They remain stuck outside the venue with just an hour until the band takes the stage, despite doors on the concert being scheduled to open at 3.30pm this afternoon, Friday, July 1.

Guns N’ Roses fans struggle to enter the venue

Fans have been venting online as they try in vain to find out just what is happening and when they will be let into the stadium, some fans even reporting people fainting outside as the crowds are stuck without access to refreshments or toilet facilities.

The Stadium’s website lists the planned running times for the gig as follows:

  • Early Entry Doors: 3.15pm
  • Main Doors: 3.30pm
  • First / Second Support Act: 4.30pm – 5pm / 5.30pm – 6.15pm
  • Guns N’ Roses: 6.45pm

One concertgoer wrote: “@gunsnroses what’s going on? Let us in the venue…people are fainting out here! Nobody is telling the crowd what’s going on and people are starting to get angry @SpursOfficial #letdown #disapointment #pisspoor #wasteoftime #GunsNRoses”

Another disgruntled fan wrote: “@TicketmasterUK not happy with the @gunsnroses @SpursOfficial @SpursStadium – been here for over 2 hours and no communication as to why or what the delay is. No water, no toilets. 1000s of people – really is an utter shambles!”

A third adding: “@Alyx_Fathers @SpursStadium @gunsnroses Shambles been here since 2pm, no toilets and they’re sending people to @sainsburys then not letting them back in

Many of the fans remain unaware of what caused the long delays in getting into the stadium as one fan has tweeted that the wait was down to “technical issues with the sound system”. The Stadium has not yet opened up on the matter.