Howard Stern Calls Out Van Halen For Disrespecting Michael Anthony


Howard Stern called out Van Halen for their disrespect of Michael Anthony on his show this week. recapped: Howard said his dear friend Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony are coming in. He said that Jason Bonham will be in too. He said he loves Sammy. He said he’s a fun guy. He said he’s 71 and looks like he’s in his 50s. Howard said Michael Anthony he loves and he wasn’t treated properly by the Van Halen brothers. He said he loves those guys too but they didn’t treat Michael right. He said they’ll get into all of that when they come in.

Howard said they’re going to do some Van Halen and some of their new songs from The Circle. He said he listened to the new album and he has a bunch of new music on his playlist. He said he likes that Mas Tequila song that he did in Chickenfoot. He told Fred to play that. Fred played some of the song.

Howard said that all of these songs could have been Van Halen songs. Robin asked if anyone has a problem with them playing Van Halen songs. Howard said apparently not. He said they were in the band and they helped write some of that stuff. Howard said they’ll be doing some ”Finish What You Started.” He played some of the album version.

Howard read some email about him saying that he never liked Michael Jackson. He said people were calling him a racist over that. Howard said he never did like the guy. He said he’s a music aficionado.

Howard read more email about his music picks and Michael Jackson. Howard said someone pointed out that Michael Jackson’s stuff is much better than Prince’s ”Batdance.” Howard said he doesn’t think so. Robin said she doesn’t get that Prince song. Howard said this is something to listen to. He played some ”Batdance” and Robin said he never performed this. Howard said that’s not true. He said play this at his funeral. He said he’d be honored. Robin said he’ll come to his senses at some point. Howard said he’s sorry it’s not Simona Dinnerstein.