Howard Stern Stunned By Awful Maynard James Keenan Claim


Howard Stern was surprised to hear that Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan took a shot at Justin Bieber on Twitter after the pop icon revealed he is a fan of Tool. Keenan recently announced that the new Tool album release date is August 30th, and they dropped a surprise EP on Apple Music just a couple of days ago. recapped: Robin said it’s nice when a celebrity is a fan. She said the band Tool found out that Justin Bieber is a fan because Bieber shared some Tool lyrics on Instagram. Robin had some audio of their song ”Sober” that she had Howard play. Robin said Maynard from Tool tweeted ”Oh bummer” when he found out. Howard said maybe they were hoping for another celebrity. Howard asked why they pick on that guy so much. He asked if he’s a dick or something. Howard said Bieber should fire back at them and say that they’d be lucky to mow his lawn. Howard sang the song parody that they did for one of his songs that they called ”I’ll Suck Your Ween.” Robin sang it too and Howard said they’ll probably hear her singing that in many song parodies in the future. Howard did a live commercial read after that.

Howard said George Takei sent him a FedEx the other day. He said George has sent him a book that he may not read. He said he only reads on the Kindle. He said he opened the book up and what do you think it’s about. Robin said the Japanese American internment camps. Howard said of course. He said it’s a graphic novel. He said it’s like cartoons of George and his siblings being dragged off to the internment camps. Howard said it’s called ”They Called Us Enemy.”

Howard showed it to Robin. Gary came in and said he got a copy. He said they were trying to figure out how many mediums he can tell that story in. Howard said he’s trying to tell little kids the story and this is the best way to do it. He said it’s such an uplifting story. Robin said here are a lot of panels on those pages. Howard said he didn’t leave out any detail. He said maybe the final galley is in color but this one was in black and white.