Greta Van Fleet Reveal Embarrassing Dave Grohl Secret


Greta Van Fleet members Josh and Jake Kiszka were interviewed at Madrid Spain’s Mad Cool festival by NME. Here, the Kiszka brothers were asked what playing with bands like the Foo Fighters has taught them and discuss an update for the follow-up album to “Anthem Of The Peaceful Army”, released in 2018. They seemed embarrassed when asked about Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters, and joked that they had to sign nondisclosure agreements about what they did with them. Greta Van Fleet finally recreating Nirvana was revealed just yesterday by a surprising name. Alternative Nation transcribed their comments.

Interviewer: You’ve toured and played with some big guys like Foo Fighters and people like that, have they taught you anything about putting on a big show or sort of rock and roll longevity?

Sam Kiszka: Wow, that’s a booby-trapped question right there.

Interviewer: Because if you say no…

Sam Kiszka: Well no, once we start talking about Dave [Grohl] and Taylor [Hawkins], we signed those NDA’s. Contractually obligated. [Not to discuss this]

Jake Kiszka: You have defer to another question, how about the weather?!

Sam Kiszka: Really, I think any band who is, I hate to say that old, but if I were saying it to their faces…

Interviewer: Experience.

Sam Kiszka: Yeah that experienced, that seasoned, that weathered and I think they pretty much have it figured out if they have been doing it that long. So yeah, in short, I think we really have learned about how to approach – especially touring, I think is the hardest part. You know, having an attitude towards that.

Dave Grohl has been busy touring with Foo Fighters this summer, and he announced replacement members just recently. Later on in the interview, the Kiszka brothers were asked to provide a major update for the follow-up album to “Anthem Of The Peaceful Army”, released in 2018.

Jake Kiszka: There’s a little evolution, I suppose, with everything. We’re working on something quite different, I suppose. It’s interesting, ’cause we never know exactly what an album’s gonna look like; it can only be so premeditated. But as it sort of unfolds now, it’s an example of where we are musically right now. So it’s definitely much different than ‘Anthem Of The Peaceful Army’ would have been.