Imagine Dragons Are The Worst Band Ever


Author’s note: This is all in good fun, and I highly suggest checking out the Trevor Project, a nonprofit endorsed by Imagine Dragons aimed at ending conversion therapy: more than 700,000 LGBTQ people have been subjected to the horrors of conversion therapy, and an estimated 80,000 LGBTQ youth will experience this unprofessional conduct in coming years, often at the insistence of well-intentioned but misinformed parents or caretakers.

Besides the odd editorial, I haven’t really written for Alternative Nation in years, and I was floating the idea of coming back to write some sort of “top of the 2010’s” list, but instead of doing that, I’d just rather say “Fuck Imagine Dragons”.

Josh Homme (the man behind the best rock album of the decade and, uh, face kicker) said he was “drunk and misunderstood” when he said “Fuck Imagine Dragons”. I am sober and of clear mind right now, and let me be perfectly clear: Fuck Imagine Dragons.

I joined the ranks of Alternative Nation in 2013, when founder Brett Buchanan’s upstart grunge blog,, was making the jump to the new name and needed staff.

“Great,” I thought, young and optimistic about internet journalism in a pre fake news and clickbait era. “Mainstream rock music is due for another revolution, and I wanna be like that kid in Almost Famous at the center of it all.”

That was before that shitty ass weapon of mass destruction of a song called “Radioactive” hit alternative rock radio. It was like someone took Mumford and Sons and rewrote it to sound like lizard people having an emotional crisis. Imagine Dragons’ big debut, Night Visions, was a resounding success. It was a never ending barrage of crap like “Demons” and “On Top of the World”. Imagine Dragons were what people THOUGHT Phil Collins was in the 1980’s. Now he’s more like Dying Fetus next to this band.

Even so, I decided to give them a fair shot. I got absolutely nothing against pop oriented acts in general; maybe I was being too hard on them. I interviewed drummer Dan Platzman in 2015; the band was in the middle of promoting their second full length album, Smoke + Mirrors. He was a really nice dude, and I separated the art from the artists. They’ve done some good things for the LGBTQ community, amongst other activism. That’s good on them. Besides, the album also fizzled out really quickly. I thought we were free.

Not to mention, with Donald Trump on his path to becoming president, and the Second Cold War heating up, I thought that at the very least, as a consolation prize, we would get some sort of upstart rock revolution in the same vein as how grunge flourished in opposition to Reagan.

But nope, instead, everyone, up to and including Hawkeye, just wanted to be the next fucking Imagine Dragons. We couldn’t escape that shitty X Ambassadors song “Renegades”. As a Hudson Valley, New York resident, as soon as THAT song came out, I just thought, “Oh fuck, soccer moms are gonna love it, it’s gonna be in Jeep commercials, and the local minor league team Renegades is gonna take it as their theme song”. And sure enough, all that shit happened.

Then, Imagine Dragons returned from the dead by transforming with their new album, mercilessly named Evolve. Holy shit, Night Visions wasn’t even their final form. Their lead single, “Thunder”, sounded like it was written in committee by Hillary Clinton’s campaign planners solely to sell uggs and mocha frappuccinos.

Alternative rock radio wasn’t rebellious anymore. Now it was fucking “These Are My Friends” by Lovelytheband. Instead of building legacies that will be remembered in twenty years in the vein of artists like Jane’s Addiction and the B-52’s, everyone’s ambition now is just get one popular, non-offensive enough commercial jingle to play a parking lot stage at Coachella and then fade into obscurity behind the counter at a local Starbucks. Fuck, Lovelytheband even has a song called “Coachella”. Modern alternative rock became so lame, Brett Buchanan’s audience would rather read about Billy Corgan’s curdled foreskin.

We had a lot of cool rock albums catching mainstream interest over the past year. MCID is the scatterbrained grunge-rap opus of rock’s most currently interesting frontman, Highly Suspect’s Johnny Stevens. Badflower kicked some ass on their debut, while FIDLAR’s Almost Free is a new pop punk classic (they too, call out “all bullshit bands on the charts [you know who you are]” on their awesome song, “Too Real”). Even though MCID took a dive into hip hop-pop territory, Johnny Stevens still doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to pushing the wrong buttons, and fights off angry soccer moms on his Twitter on a daily basis.

That’s the thing: the above albums had a diverse set of sounds that fell under the “rebellious rock” territory, but aren’t “heavy”: rock music can be pop. Nirvana, The Beatles. Pop music can be rock. Lorde, Grimes.

But 95% of the shit that was peddled out to 2010’s rock radio wasn’t rock; it was commercial jingles. Donald Trump almost looks poised to get a second term as the DNC struggles to put out any worthwhile candidates whatsoever. For these times, we need something real.

Not fucking “Hey Ho” from The Lumineers.

Happy new year/decade from Alternative Nation!

  • Mark Wiseman

    What a stupid article.

  • BrixItz

    Wow, haha butthurt about a rock band. Nice going.

  • Levis

    Sometimes I don’t understand why google keeps recommending me amateur articles like this… And on the stupidest of topics, too…

    • Bit Stream

      Same thoughts here….

    • Greg Thompson

      Yeah I know right

  • Jared Barlow

    This guy… And everything he wrote is a complete waste of space….
    What a joke..
    Do yourself a favor guy… Get your G.E.D.

  • Sora

    Dude, Imagine dragons has a huge following and this is the most useless article! But stay true to your option I guess.

  • Caylie Skeen

    This is, without doubt, the most confusing “article” I have ever read. I feel like absolutely no research was done, other than talking to a band member once years ago. My husband is a die-hard fan of Imagine Dragons, and as a result, I know at least 99.9% of their songs. Maybe they don’t have the most “original” sound or their top hits are played repeatedly on the radio, thus making those songs about as annoying as hearing any Taylor Swift song that plays, but at least Imagine Dragons has depth to a lot of their songs.

    Too many people look for revolutionary music in this day and age, and they bypass it all because a band becomes too popular. Deep down we all want to be hipster by saying, “I knew this band first.” Maybe you think it’s cool to hate a popular band like Imagine Dragons. Good for you. But unless you have a degree in music, play an instrument, or are a vocal artist, you don’t get to determine which bands are the worst, and even then, no one is going to care. If the lyrics or the music Imagine Dragons produces makes an impact on even one person, they’re not going to give your opinion the time of day. As someone married to one of their biggest fans, I know Imagine Dragons, and many other bands, are doing just fine without your puny attempts at trying to get people to hate them just as much as you do. And if you don’t hate them, why waste your time trying to convince other people to agree with you?

    • Tundrok

      It’s absolutely idiotic to make a claim they are the worst band when they are so successful for so long. This guy is just butthurt that they had the top 3 listened to songs of the past decade

      • Alex

        Success often has nothing to do with quality. Imagine Dragons are only successful because they make inoffensive music that radio DJs find appealing. There’s nothing questionable about Imagine Dragons’ music. Nothing innovative. Nothing that’ll upset people. Imagine Dragons’ discography is basically the musical equivalent of a TV dinner.

        Imagine Dragons were forced on society by radio DJs that are incapable of thinking outside the box. That explains their success. Not because a lot of people actually like them.

        • Dude DREAMBOT

          It’s “The Man”… “The system is brainwashing everyone.” *hits his meth pipe, then puts on his tin foil hat* “You see the alien overlords are making us all sheeple by putting their jizz in our spaghetti sauce man.”

          lol. You’re so cool dude. How awesome it must be to be so hip and radical that you only enjoy bullshit music that “doesn’t question” or “upset anyone” [translation: I listen to shitty music that isn’t “mainstream” because my parents don’t love me and I have an inferiority complex. If the band has no actual talent and no one wants to listen to it then I swarm to it cuz I just like being contrary cuz I think it makes me cool”]
          Edgy bro, Edgy.

          Not all music has to “question authority” or “make people upset” in order to hold value. Sometimes it’s just a solid rythym, harmony, or hook that people can just jive to. Again I’m not partly a fan of Imagine Dragons or pop music myself as my fave music artists are Against Me!, NIN, Missy Elliot, and a range of Motown, 80s/90s Hip Hop, and classics like Jimi Hendrix, Zeppelin, Dead Kennedys, Sex Pistols, etc; but going out of my way to simply hate anything “mainstream” simply cuz it’s trendy to be “counter-culture” or “underground ” is just silly and makes you look like a twat.

          • Alex

            “lol. You’re so cool dude. How awesome it must be to be so hip and radical that you only enjoy bullshit music that “questions everything” & “upsets”.[translation: I listen to shitty music that isn’t “mainstream” because my parents don’t love me and I have an inferiority complex. If the band has no actual talent and no one that isn’t a junkie wants to listen to it then I swarm to it cuz I just like being contrary. I think it makes me cool”]
            Edgy bro, Edgy. I bet you have gaiges in your ears and facial peircings. Maybe even a face tattoo, huh? You know, all signs that you’re not “trendy”… Your so “original” and unique; so much so that you are a FUCKING CLICHE!!!”
            Real mature there buddy. Maybe comeback and talk to me when you graduate middle school.

            “Not all music has to “question authority” or “make people upset” in order to hold value”
            That’s not the point. My point is that Imagine Dragons is a very unambitious band. They’re so middle-of-the-road that if Patrick Batemen were real and alive today, Imagine Dragons would be his favorite band.

            I can’t imagine anyone liking Imagine Dragons other than 50-year-old women who listen to whatever background music plays on TV commercials because they think that’s what all the kids like like and they want to appear “hip”. Basically the same people who listen to Maroon 5.

            “Sometimes it’s just a solid rhythm, harmony, or hook that people can just jive to”
            Imagine Dragons don’t even have that. Every single Imagine Dragons song that got big follows the exact same formula as Radioactive. Because they know that’s what’ll get them success.

            “I myself perfer music that has a message of social import; but going out of your way to simply hate anything “mainstream” simply cuz it’s trendy to be “counter-culture” or “underground ” is just silly and makes you look like a twat.”
            No, it’s the fact that this over-produced trash is being labeled as “rock” even though Imagine Dragons sound mostly identical to Ariana Grande and Tayler Swift. What makes Imagine Dragons “rock” and Ariana Grande “not rock”?

          • Dude DREAMBOT

            “over produced”… but I like sound cloud rappers, which is nothing but over-produced talent-less dribble.

            Dude we get it. You’re edgy. Congrats, you’re so much cooler than everyone else because to pride yourself on having shitty fucking taste in music. *slow claps*

            All you’ve done here is point out exactly why we need better drug treatment programs in this country and how much of a fucking toolbag you are. So take your self-righteous, third rate rebellion and snort it up your fucking nose you twat-waffle. LOLOLOLOL

          • Dude DREAMBOT

            Look everybody. We have an edge lord in the house.

          • Alex

            That’s rich coming from someone who just makes childish ad hominems.

          • Isaac Aversano

            They suck ass and always will. They almost ruined a genre. You basic ass bot. Blink 182 have more talent than these hacks. Thats so sad.
            How does it feel to suck at the teet of a trend band where the creativity is so lacking and Walmart tier.

            Lil Wayne sucks IDC how many album sales he has
            Cardi B sucks, IDC how many album sales she has

            Fast cash art is the bane of all art.

          • Alex

            Congratulations. You literally responded to none of the points that I said and just made childish insults like the middle-school sockpuppet account that you are.

          • Dude DREAMBOT

            What “points”? You haven’t made any. all you’ve done is express your very narrow-minded opinions, which no one asked for or care about. All you’ve done is proven to everyone here that you’re just as self righteous and full of shit as the author of this article. I don’t see any need to address claim that are made entirely on personal bias and aggressive hate filled ignorant dribble. It bears no rate to the reality that most people can’t stand the bullshit un-talented dribble that comes from your underground/soundcloud/DIY garbage. You know why they jave to be on soundcloud and DIY? Cuz the only people that can bare listening to that kind of ear-splitting brain numbing nonsense is edge lords and hipsters like you.

            And congratulations on learning a word phrase like ad homin; you understand one of the most basic debate concepts. You wanna cookie?

            I didn’t come here to debate you on anything. I was here to argue anything with some of you very shallow understanding of what makes good music. My purpose to coming here was simply to point out how much of a sad egotistical twat you were. so thanks in consistantly proving my point.

            And this isn’t really a “ccount”. i normally don’t use these boards at all. Shit I don’t use any social media anymore. I’ve deleted them all. I saw this article on my google news feed, laughed the stupid fucking content of and comments om this article and made this account only to see how much of an as you and other edge lords would make of yourselves. It’s morons like you that feel they can express their bias and ignorant as fuck opinions as facts online that made me realize how needless, pointless, and time consuming/wasteful social media truly is.

            Teasing you into making an ass of yourself was literally a one time venture I did cuz I’m bored during my seasonal break from work and am running out of things to watch on Netflix.

            I’ll probably never use this account ever again and forget this as soon as I stop typing this cuz now you’re just boring the fuck out of me. Again all you’ve proven here is that idiots like you and this author still are under the impression that your opinions and narrow bias has any relevance. You have Yrump syndrome; the idea that whatever ignorant and factless ideas you have on a topic are objective truth. Which they aren’t… you revel in your inferiority complex and sense of self grandeur. You’re the same old tired trope. You’re a pompous, opinionated, moron that feels he has to shit on everything popular simply to make himself fell better for having no real sense of self identity or worth.
            It’s transparent as fuck and just sad.

          • Alex

            Yeah I did. I pointed out that Imagine Dragons is

            1. Not a rock band and therefore, don’t belong on a list for rock songs.
            2. Make predictable, boring music that is tailor-made for people that don’t want to be challenged when listening to music.
            3. Lack any sort of ambition.
            4. Not actually liked by anybody. I don’t know of any Gen Z teen personally that likes Imagine Dragons.

            You did nothing to rebuke them. All you did was make childish insults.

          • Dude DREAMBOT

            1. Opinions don’t equal facts.
            2. opinions don’t equal facts.
            3. opinions don’t equal facts.
            4. opinions don’t equal facts.

            still no points made.

          • Alex

            1. Imagine Dragons do not sound like rock. You can hear this for yourself by listening to them.
            2. Every single Imagine Dragons hit follows the exact same formula. Again, you can hear this for yourself by listening to them.
            3. See point 2.
            4. Go out and talk to teenagers and see how many say that Imagine Dragons is their “favorite band”.

          • Dude DREAMBOT

            LoL. yes because teenagers are the penultimate measure of good taste. LOLOLOLOL. The same kids that set themselves on fire for Insta-cred and eat tide pods for attention?

            And you make my point again that “critics” are just repetitive bullshit artists that think their arrogant and self-proclaimed expertise is the basis for objective reasoning? lol.

            So you admit to the fact that you are incapable of having any original thoughts and are merely a tool of a nay-say culture that hasn’t had a unique hide in decades? Just a carbon copy of losers that have to parse and label e erything into tiny little boxes in an attempt to feel as if their opinions reflect anything but their own prejudices and ignorance? Who yhe fuck cares what “critics” say? They just grumpy wannabes who can’t create anything memorable or enjoyable themselves, lack any talent to do so, so the feel the need to pick apart anyone that can?

            lol. Dude… You’re just a puppet controlled by the opinion of losers. Seriously. Give it a rest. You’ve proven that ypu are a brainless dipshit that can’t even think for himself. That has to rely on the bitter ramblings of failures and narcissists to twll you what to think.

            No one that actually has any taste, talent, or skill in art has to resort to parsing differences in order to classify them simply in order to defrade or oppress the nature of expression.

            You’re just a new generation of wish-I-coulds angry at those that can and do.

            Like I said you’re just a living clichè that has been around for decades. You’re a joke. A copy, of a copy, of a copy of an unnecessary collection of bitter angry morons.

          • Alex

            Nice to know that you think that music should not be criticized and radio listeners should just accept any formulaic and stale garbage that makes it onto radio playlists.

            I’m started to think this is Dan Reynolds sockpuppet account considering how he threw a bitchfit when Corey Taylor, Billy Corgan and Matt Taylor called out his terrible music.

          • Dude DREAMBOT

            All you’ve done is make childish insulta against a band you personally don’t like. Not only that, your “points” aren’t even original in conception. They’rethe exact same biased arrogance made by every self appointed expert on culture and music since the begining of radio.

            You simply echo the resentment that weak minded people with no self worth spew into the chamber of repetitive egotism.

            There is absolutely no objectivity in a single statement you’ve made. And guess what… no one trully give a fuck about your opinions. We just sit back and laugh at your feelings of self importance.

            all I basically did was put a mirror to your face. Acting exactly as you have, spewing childish opinions; only I did it at the expense of you and your precious DIY scene. If you can’t recognize the ironic humor of this entire tit-for-tat then you’re trully as stupid as you sound.
            All I did was mimic your own method of baseless subjectivety and turn it around at you. So thanks again for proving me right… You dumb ass.

          • Alex

            I pointed out that they are not a rock band. Have you even LISTENED to an Imagine Dragons song? It’s just electropop with an occasional guitar here and there. Why not put Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift on this list then?

            The music critics that you oh so hate, have been saying this about Imagine Dragons since their debut album. None of what was said in this article is new stuff.

            You clearly do give a fuck about my opinions since you took the time to come and reply to me.

          • Dude DREAMBOT

            Also, not all art has to be liked by Gen Z; inarguably the worst, least educated, most entitled, useless generation ever. You all attach yourself to the most talentless, ignorant, and fruitless ideas, trends, and artforms. No other generation thought eating laundry detergent and doing increasing idiotic attention whoring behaviors simply to try and be Instagram/Facebook famous was a good idea.

          • Alex

            Spotted the baby boomer.

        • Dude DREAMBOT

          lol… This dipshit thinks Lil Peep & 6ix9ine is good music. 🙄 Just take another Xanax and chill bro. You’re in no way an authority on talent if you think that shitty ass soundcloud nonsense is music.

          • Alex

            Oh look. A newly-created sock account made by someone who can’t fucking read. Pointing out that SoundCloud rappers are more DIY than Imagine Dragons ever will be (which is an objective fact) is not the same as liking them.

          • Isaac Aversano

            You literally made an account to defend the shittiest band

      • Stephen Arms

        wtf kinda comment is that? Success does not denote talent or quality at all. By that metric Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears and N Sync are some of the best music of our time.

        Anyone who genuinely likes Imagine Dragons just exposes themselves as being a total NPC.

        These new stars are nobodies. The average kid on the street cant name a rockstar who has came into success after 2010. The author is right, they are plain and anoynmous.

        I think Jack White is the last one where average mainstream radio folks know who he is. When i was kid in the 90s we all knew who the lead singers of bands were. Chris Cornell, Gavin Rossdale, Eddie Vedder, Kurt Cobain, Billies Corgan and Joe Armstrong.

        Im a big rock fan and i literally have no idea who the lead singer of X Ambassadors or Imagine Dragons is.

  • woolf

    I’m surprised articles with no objective criticism can get recommended and published, especially on a news feed and a well known source. You have a complete right to your opinion, but publishing your teenage angst with no facts, reviews, solid criticism, or even a vague amount of evidence to backing up these feelings, that it becomes unprofessional and cringeworthy to read. This article is merely a personal preference towards a band. I genuinely would like to know the flaws and things they could improve on. I’m sorry that 2010’s rock is disappointing, and I’m sorry you are forced to use “hip and cool gen z” language instead of proper analysis or at least fair comparison. The billboards chart and the end was the most useful and interesting part of this. And please do study the logistics of music if you are so frustrated and pent up about it.

    On a less professional side note: What piece of garbage has a kind and genuine interview with the drummer and then throws their reputation further in the garbage by writing a biased, opinionated, tantrum take on the whole thing? April fools is a little early.

    • Bit Stream

      You got it spot on: lack of objective criticism 👏👏

  • Tundrok

    Awwww. Are you upset because Imagine Dragons are insanely successful and it isn’t your thing? It’s blatantly absurd to claim they are the worst band. You can not like their music based on personal taste but they are a great live performance group and their music is far from “terrible”. Their frontman is a fantastic person with a huge heart. You need to get the hell over their success and understand that just because YOU don’t like something doesn’t mean the rest of the world shouldn’t like it either. Grow up

    • Bit Stream


    • Greg Thompson

      Here here

  • Ed Handlin

    Maybe the title here should be “I just don’t like Imagine Dragons”? “I separate the art from the artists” but still say “Fuck Imagine Dragons”, even after clarifying their drummer is a swell guy.

    I get tired of individuals who think their taste in music is superior to everyone else.

    • Bit Stream

      …he did not even recognized the difference of each and everyone’s preference in his article, he must have assumed everyone reading this is a current junkie like him….

    • Greg Thompson

      He is a music snob. Ignorant and arrogant. I just wish someone would put this neanderthal in his place

      • Athelstan BastardKing

        Well, he’s at Alt Nation and not the serious magazines or websites.

  • Jeff From NJ

    Imagine Dragons is an eternal thought in the mind of God!

  • Felix

    Ok, I personally enjoy Imagine Dragons’ music (though I can agree that “Thunder“ isn’t the best song), but this ‘article’ actually made me laugh out loud! The pure rage and energy exuding from this is absolutely astounding. And I can’t help but love it. You have a very strong opinion of them, and you definitely aren’t afraid to show it lol. Nicely said.


    LOL. I’m not even a big Imagine Dragons fan (or pop music fan at all) but… this dude thinks that Queens of the Stone Age are “the best rock band of…”

    LOL. what the fuck? That alone is enough to laugh at. Clearly someone with such shitty taste in music shouldn’t be writing editorials on a music site. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Seriously dude? Queens of the Stone Age? That band sucks worse than Nickleback. They’re like if Nickleback had a baby with Creed and the baby had down syndrome.

    Wow. Not to mention the author looks like a teenage sexual predator in his pic.

    • Bit Stream

      …and the writer here claims the frontman of that band have the “best rock album of the decade” under his belt. How amusing…. 🤣

    • Athelstan BastardKing

      YOu hit all three reasons the 2000s have sucked for music. Queens of the Stoned Age, Nickleback, and Creed. You could add Limp Bizkit, Goo Goo Dolls, Sugar Ray. 90s hold overs Bush and Pearl Jam and….

    • Isaac Aversano

      The band sucks.

  • Michel Camacho

    While reading this all the words became the same shitty emotionally unbalanced high school emo says. It’s to popular everyone love them so there garbage and I’m soooooo fck jealous.

  • Julie Vardia

    ok boomer

  • Alex

    What’s with all the angry Imagine Dragons fans showing up here? The author never said anything wrong. Imagine Dragons makes boring, forgettable, edgeless music for middle-aged moms to blare out of their vans in an attempt to seem “hip”. It’s really a stretch to call Imagine Dragons “indie”. It’s even a stretch to call them “rock” since on a number of songs, the non-singing members don’t seem to be doing anything because some random producer is handling all the turgid, lifeless music for Dan Reynolds to do his monotone yell over.

    Imagine Dragons aren’t really a “band”. They’re more of a factory that churns out flavorless filler for radio playlists. Hopefully the 20’s produces more entertaining and animated bands than Imagine Dragons.

    • Dude DREAMBOT

      Dude. You need a hug?

  • Goheels245782930509

    This is absolutely shameful. That said you are free to speak your idiotic mind. while I’m personally not a fan of their music. As a father of a teenager at only 40 myself, I can tell you one thing after taking my son to their concert I’ve never seen another musician I would praise for what it is they do. What a phenomenal band for a young person to look up to. Sometimes it’s more than just your music preference You need to look beyond. Ignorance

  • Shan Longue

    Here’s one for the so-called writer, F you. Was hard to read beyond the first paragraph. Throwing politics in really did your article in. Keep calling yourself a freelance journalist, because you are not worth anyone hiring ad a staff writer.

    • Greg Thompson

      Honestly though! When I was working as a staff writer I wrote shite way better than this and I never put my own personal opinions in my writing. This so called “man” is an insult to every writer in this country.(to the writer)You should quit and work at a gas station you worthless and ignorant bum.

  • Juliet Hernandez

    Go kys, sixhead.

  • Uddipta Bhaskar

    You should better stop writing because you obviously can’t lmao.

  • DIE1010

    Yo, that is hard i love imagine dragons. Seening this was kinda unnecessary for someone to say. Your opinion is fine ofcourse but why post it to everyone.

  • Bit Stream

    ….and you are the worst article writer I have ever read 🤣

  • flo

    This is accurate. But alternative has sucked majorly for the better part of a decade, and I wouldn’t blame that on Imagine Dragons. In fact they’re less offensive than a lot of the crap out there in recent years. My young kids like them (and like the author said, the band is full of nice guys), but this soccer mom ain’t having it.

  • Seth Gundersen

    I love that so many people are angry about this article. Imagine Dragons are truly fucking terrible.

    • Alex

      I’m surprised that this band has this many passionate followers. What is so damn appealing about Imagine Dragons? They’ve been doing the same copy-and-paste formula since “Radioactive”.

      And again, they don’t belong on the rock charts. Hell, some of the Soundcloud rappers are more “rock” than Imagine Dragons ever will be. No really. The posthumous Lil Peep single “Cry Alone” is largely guitar-driven. As is Trippie Redd’s “How You Feel”. Meanwhile, Imagine Dragons make “rock” songs that largely sound identical to Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.

      It truly says something when fucking Lil Pump and 6ix9ine have more indie cred than Imagine Dragons, Twenty One Pilots and the other “rock” bands on Billboard’s top “rock” songs of the decade list.

      • Dude DREAMBOT

        “Indie cred”… meaning shitty music for drugs addicts and hipsters that just wanna hate anything that isn’t retarded fucking trap music. Lil’ Peep & 6ix9ine, seriously? You think these people have talent? LOLOLOLOL

        • Alex

          Read my comment.

          And yes. Lil Pump does have more indie cred than Imagine Dragons ever will. Lil Pump’s music is really brain cell-killing, but it’s pretty much DIY and homemade. At least before Pump got a record deal.

          Imagine Dragons on-the-hand is overproduced shlock for soccer moms.

          • Dude DREAMBOT

            OoooooOooo… “street cred”. LOLOLOLOL

            Dude… who the fuck cares about “street cred”. “Street cred” does not equate to talent. All it does is point out how easily it is for junkies and posers to latch on to anything being sold to them. I know exactly what DIY is and most of it is garbage. It’s a bunch of talentless hacks pretending they’re better than other people because they have a midi machine, a synth, and a laptop.

            Again you’re nothing but a fucking cliché. A tired archetype of pointless self-importance and narcissism. You think that listening to shitty unpopular music that could easily be made by any pre-teen sitting around doing marathons of molly, meth, and adderall could do in their mom’s basement makes you some special snowflake. You’re a joke dude. You listen to garbage misic cuz it’s what’s “in” at the moment and it upsets your parents. Seriously. Do you really expect anyone to take what you say seriously?

            You’re brand of “resist the mainstream” nonsense is just stale and void of any real sense of taste.

          • Alex

            If you hate DIY so much, then what the hell are you doing on a site that often covers DIY artists?

            Oh wait. I forgot. You’re a sock account that was created because someone trash-talked your beloved boring soccer mom band, Imagine Dragons.

          • Dude DREAMBOT

            Who’sthe one that can’t read? I sad I don’t even really like them. They aren’t on my playlists anywhere. the only time I here them is on the radio at work.

            As I said above, only got to this article from my google news feed. I only clicked on it because I figured it’d br an amusing sample of hipster edge lord nonsense and I wasn’t disproven at all in my assumptions. I simply made this account to poke fun at stupid hipsters like you, for a one time cure for temporary boredom. I wouldn’t willing read anything from a publication that clearly consists of nothing but opinion based, self important nonsense.

            And there’s no such thing as “facts” or “points” to be made in a purely subjective landscape you fucking moron.

            I’m out. I’m already like two posts past bored as fuck.

          • Dude DREAMBOT

            Every fucking music artist ever is DIY until they learn how to make decent fucking music. You’re like a walking billboard for “I liked it before it was cool” hipster-ism. I bet the moment any band or artist you rock out to sign a label contract or gets significant media coverage you immediately start pretending like you hated them all along.

            Let me guess. You only drink Papst and micro-brews. How many buttons and sharpie scribbles do you have on your bookbag? Oh wait, your too cool for bookbags, I bet you jumped on the resurgent “fanny pack” trend pretty early on huh?

            Dude… give it up. You’re a transparent as fuck uber-hipster.

        • Alex

          Still sounds more like a rock song than anything Imagine Dragons ever did. Just remove the trap beat and it could easily pass as something a grunge band did in the early 90’s.

  • Yah I’m just going to say Fuck Doug McCausland. Articles are meant to help. They are not opinion pieces.

  • Greg Thompson

    Frankly I don’t care much for editorials. But you peaked my interest. That quickly turned to disgust. How can you judge a band so quickly with no regard for solid facts solely based on your soulless and arrogant views. Someone with actual intelligence of the music industry and it’s workings should have written this or at least taught you properly. This was recommended to me?
    Honestly I’d rather read an article written by an ape.

    • Athelstan BastardKing

      Your interest was piqued, not peaked. Thought you’d like to know.

      Don’t look for anything to make sense here.You can’t judge a band on one or two listenings. I’m sure you have seen some of their other bullshit headliines. Apply that logic to the site’s total approach and you will see what their opinion is worth.

  • Izaan Ur Rehman

    Dude fuck you and your mom and your dad who gave birth to an asshole through her stupid….Don’t wanna say.Anyway from where the fuck did Donald Trump and second world war came into equation….Have you ever listened to Imagine Dragons….Dude they are rock band with extremely catchy music and much better than some of the most crappiest metal bands out there which I bet you listen to….You rotten cuck…. They are not metal that they should have anger in their music…

    • Athelstan BastardKing

      My 12 year old son loves Imagine Dragons. I will always associate them with his childhood. These jerkoffs are dipshits. I don’t think this…author has listened to any of it more than once plus the hits. I like them rather well and find their work more interesting than Alternative Nation’s output.

  • AccidentalCassingleCollector

    I thought all semblance of Alternative rock as some sort of counter culture ended with the rise of Hootie and the Blowfish

  • Athelstan BastardKing

    He calls himself a freelance writer. I think he, and everyone at Alt Nation, are freelance bullshitters.

  • my

    The is about Imagine Dragons but there’s a picture of Dave Grohl for no reason not even mentioned . Just bad journalism at work with pictures that have nothing to do with the story.
    Only heard one or two songs from them

  • Hoelho Art

    This article is just an unintelligible collage of ad hominem attacks attempting to ride it’s way to validity on psuedo-intellectual witticisms and obnoxious pretention.