Pearl Jam New Album Tour & Release Date Announced


Pearl Jam Online have announced that the rumored release date for the band’s new album is March 27, 2020, with spring North American tour date tickets going on sale on January 13, 2020.

PJOnline wrote, “On January 13th 2020 the release date of the long awaited new Pearl Jam album could be officially communicated. It will be (apparently) March 27th 2020.

Not only, in the same day the North American and Canadian leg of the tour promoting the 11th Pearl Jam studio album should be revealed. Tour might happen in March/April and would touch cities like Toronto, New York and Los Angeles.

In spring the band is believed to appear on two Saturday Night Live shows and also to play a very intimate concert to present the new album in SiriusXM radio studios.”

Pearl Jam Online are one of the most respected fansites on the internet, so this is definitely news fans should be excited about! BrainofBGA recently asked on the Ten Club board, “Are we expecting a Feb / March release possibly?? Single in January?” Raindog80 responded, “Hope first single will be out in early January and the new album on mid-march.”

PJNB also chimed in, “Gotta say Dimi was right again it looks like with the summer comments of the album being done. After the Euro tour was announced and not tagged with a new album tour I never thought it was possible it was coming out next year. I thought we were getting the 2004 treatment in the fall for the US and 2021 was going to be the year. Can’t wait to hear the new album and really hoping its an overall more balanced effort than their last two.” Pearl Jam’s North American tour will feature performances in New York and Los Angeles.