Gene Simmons Calls Out ‘Stupid’ KISS Member Performance


Iconic KISS bassist Gene Simmons recently took to social media via Twitter recently to share the following vintage photo. The photo is actually an old pre-KISS concert poster from one of Simmons’ first bands called ‘Bullfrog Bheer’. The post showcases the group playing at a venue called the Rockland House in upstate, New York. Gene Simmons daughter reveals horrible injury video.

Simmons wrote about the poster stating: “[From the year] 1970…I was in college in upstate NY and formed a band called BULLFROG BHEER (correct spelling). “The Newest Rock Sensation In The Catskills.” We played covers as well as some of the first songs I wrote, like “She.” Here’s the poster..”

Gene Simmons’ daughter mocks awful photo of dad. Simmons then responded to a KISS superfan who then asked about the meaning behind the name and mocked it’s ‘stupid’ origin. The legendary KISS member wrote: “Ok…BULLFROG always struck me as a bizarre word. Like BirdWhale or Spider-Man. And since the band played Beer Bashes, I added BHEER, but spelled it that way – from my Fanzine days. It’s how they spelled Beer..if U burped at the same time = Bullfrog BHEER…it’s stupid, I know..

In other news regarding Gene Simmons and KISS, fans recently took to the KISSFaq fan forum to discuss the love life of Simmons. One fan wanted to know about Simmons’ relationship and past with Karen Carpenter, acclaimed lead singer of The Carpenters. One user then put in this response this interview quote from 1998 which should shed some light regarding the subject.

Simmons stated: “I really got along with her. She was terrific. She was fascinated by KISS. She went to see the show that night because the next night The Carpenters were playing. She loved the show, was crazy about it. Never saw anything like it in her life. She called me in my room and said, “Come on down.” I thought she wanted to play. So I left my guest in my room and I went downstairs and we sat for hours talking about stuff and music and just life. I was fascinated. There was not a sexual bone in her body that I ever got. She was also fascinated by the idea that there was a girl waiting for me upstairs. “Isn’t she getting angry?” “No, she’ll be fine, I’ll make sure she’s happy,” She said, “and she just loves you because you’re in the band?” “Yes.” “Amazing!” Gene Simmons ‘passes out’ in horrible photo with wife.