James Iha Kicks Mic After Jimmy Chamberlin Screws Up Smashing Pumpkins Song


The Smashing Pumpkins recently performed in Nashville for a very well received show, and there was a lighthearted moment when drummer Jimmy Chamberlin missed his cue to come back in on “Bullet With Butterfly Wings.” After the missed cue, Corgan said, “Hold it Jimmy.”

Chamberlin said, “I didn’t know we were playing that part.” Corgan responded, “These people, they want perfection.”

Corgan then laughed, and James Iha sarcastically kicked his mic stand to the ground as the band kicked back into the song. Watch video and a GIF below of the rock and roll moment.

A Daily Herald review of the show stated, “My dad was the same way when he introduced me to bands like KISS, AC/DC or Led Zeppelin. They were bands from his teenage years just a few decades prior, taking me to some of my first shows to see them. I don’t have any kids, but I kind of like the idea of one day taking the little guy or girl to see Pearl Jam, The Smashing Pumpkins or any other band from ‘back in my day,’ and give them that same right of passage my parents did for me, and so many others have done over the generations.”

  • Stone Gossardish

    Did they sell half the arena?

  • Chris

    haha love that they can have fun with it.

  • Man, this website has been showing up in my Google news feed lately somehow, and holy crap, every single headline is such frigging clickbait. Hidden forever!