Smashing Pumpkins Member Makes Quitting Announcement


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has confirmed that he is done touring as a lone solo performer, after threatening to do so after fans trolled and heckled him at recent solo shows.

A fan asked Corgan on Instagram, “I absolutely loved the Ogilala and Cotillions tours. You played so much great material old and new!”

Corgan responded, “Thank you. Shame there won’t be tours anymore…” Another fan asked, “Did you ever see the live solo Jeff Tweedy video where he tells the crowd to stop talking?” Corgan responded, “Have not.”

Thevestofyou responded on Reddit, “I don’t really understand why so many fans get off on angering someone they supposedly look up to. All it takes is one comment from Billy and you guys are making multiple posts about it. And yet he’s the sensitive one…”

Dudehitscar said, “I am not upset about Billy being annoyed with hecklers/talkers.. I was at the infamous Covington show and found that part entertaining. I just think he would be interested in seeing his peers at solo acoustic shows having loud talkers and how they dealt with it. I don’t want Corgan to never perform solo acoustic again and maybe the Tweedy video may help him process what happened and get him back on stage for more intimate performances.”

Billy Corgan stopped a solo performance recently when a fight broke out. Whatchamachicken posted on in 2006, “I went to a solo Jeff Tweedy show last night, and as with every concert I go to these days, there were way too many people talking throughout the show. A few songs into his set he got about ten seconds into his song and stopped to pose the question: Why the fuck do people pay good money to come to a fucking folk singers show to just talk the entire time? And he added that he would gladly give people their money back if they wanted to leave and go have their beer and conversation elsewhere. I think a few people actually did leave a couple songs later. I got the impression that a lot of these people don’t know a thing about Tweedy and came to the show expecting to see a rocking Wilco show and were disappointed to see the folk-singer side of Tweedy.

Damn I wish more artists would have the balls to do this. It’s getting to the point where I can’t go to a live show anymore without coming out of it completely pissed off becasue no matter where you go or where you happen to sit/stand, there is no way to get away from these inconsiderate assholes. It’s completely rude to the artist and other members of the crowd who paid good money to go see a show and LISTEN to the music.”