Kurt Cobain’s Daughter Debuts New Song “Alive”


Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain has debuted a new song on her Instagram page. She performs part of the song on acoustic guitar. She didn’t give the song an official title, but we are tentatively calling it “Alive” since she sings ‘it’s hard to be alive.’

Cobain wrote about the song on Instagram, “What she lacks in technical precision, she makes up for with charisma 👌 🌸💐🌺.”

Cobain shared lyrics to the song on her Instagram story:

So you tried to let me in
That’s nice
How’s that goin?

It’s hard to be alive

It’s in my spine
Pain is in my spine

It’s in my spine

Watch video of Frances Bean Cobain’s new song below. Cobain is rumored to have signed a record deal, and to have a debut album in the works. Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has praised Cobain as an artist, stating that he thinks she’ll find great success if she pursues music.

  • Lisa Arisellan

    For having such talented parents you’d think she would be remotely good but she’s awful. this won’t stick no one’s going to buy her music just because of her name

    • Corndog

      I agree that she is awful, but i think that her name will buy her a lot of album sales. All those little emo kids that act like Cobain was some sort of rock god will now start to worship her as the second coming or some such shit.

      Dave Grohl made an entire career out of being associated with Cobain and he wasn’t even related to him.

      • Kay B

        When is Emo going to go away?

        • Corndog

          I don’t know, but it can’t come too soon!

      • Ladyhawke

        Yes, she has thousands of followers on social media and appears to do nothing remotely productive apart from publishing selfies and espousing embarrassingly air-headed words of wisdom about life to her “fans”.

        • Corndog

          She is quite irritating. I suppose it’s not entirely her fault though. I guess we can’t expect her to be completely normal when she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, and large parts of the world feel like they know her dad better than she does. That being said, she is a vacuous waste of space and gets right on my nipple ends.

          • Ladyhawke

            lol! Yes Corndog, I totally agree and she has the same affect on my nips too.

  • Corndog

    Dear god that sucked. she is awful. It really pisses me off that she is now going to get a music career handed to her just because of who her father was. This shite is even worse than the last one.

    • Kay B

      You beat me to it. She will get a deal because her last name is “Cobain”.

    • Jason C Higbee

      Tone deaf. Poor girl got the worst parts of her parents’ singing

  • Jason Newstedt

    Someone get that poor girl a producer.

    • Ladyhawke

      That poor girl needs a shitload more than just producer.

  • Hwang Sunghyeop

    was it demo? It feels like the MOH by KC. She can do anything. Go ahead.

  • Ladyhawke

    Excruciatingly bad. Can’t write, can’t sing and any talent on a guitar wasn’t evident – at all. Hardly surprising Corgan would praise her non-existent talents given his relationship with Love. She is Kurt Cobain’s daughter and that appears to be the extent of her talent.

  • Ladyhawke

    Yet to be confirmed, but have just heard Bean has signed a deal with RCA.

  • gilbert Dameron

    Just another human being a human. None of it matters. As long as she’s happy.