Rage Against The Machine Member Suffers Scary Injury, Surgery Photo Revealed


Former Rage Against The Machine/Audioslave guitarist Tom Morello recently suffered an injury while on tour with Prophets of Rage, but he will be back onstage on Tuesday.

“Fractured my playing hand on Thursday. Surgery today. Will be onstage in Sweden Tuesday. #WeCantBeStopped #DjangoReinhardtLives #TheShowMustGoOn #TheBionicMan.”

Below is part of the photo. See the full pic on Instagram.

Tom Morello recently discussed his education with Harvard Magazine.

Morello doesn’t identify with the president’s particular brand of populism, but he does have a window into its appeal. He grew up in Libertyville, Illinois, a town near the Wisconsin border that he morosely describes as Trump Country. He remembers “feeling totally politically impotent in a small town where the options were trying out for the wrestling team or working at Dairy Queen—all while apartheid raged in South Africa and government death squads killed nuns in Central America.” Music was “a tether,” something that “made me feel like I wasn’t alone in my worldview or in my small town.” By the end of high school, Morello, then a self-described “Spandex-wearing metalhead,” had developed both a love for the guitar and what he describes as “a great revolutionary fervor” to raise awareness of distant social problems and arm people with both the desire and knowledge necessary to make change.

At Harvard, this passion led him to concentrate in social studies—an honors program that he didn’t initially realize required significant academic effort. Balancing schoolwork and mastering an instrument posed “serious time-management challenges.” He often wondered if he was “wasting my time in the stacks of Widener Library when I should be spreading the message, playing barrooms across Ohio.”