Matt Cameron Talks ‘Amazing’ Unreleased Temple of the Dog Material


Pearl Jam/Soundgarden/Temple of the Dog drummer Matt Cameron discussed Temple of the Dog in a new Radio interview.

“It’s the 25th anniversary [of Temple of the Dog], but we had to go through this contentious court battle to get these idiots to give us our master tapes back. And that’s when Chris posted that [to Facebook]. But yeah, we’re figuring that stuff out now, as far as the re-release goes.”

He later said, “I do not enjoy the current philosophy, where it’s sort of expected that you release all of your outtakes and rehearsals and demos, I really don’t like that aspect of it at all. But the fans really like it, so I’m always talked into having those things in our Soundgarden re-releases. We’re trying to get Badmotorfinger off right now, we’re trying to figure out what to put on that, and there were a lot really cool outtakes and things like that. I personally, as a songwriter and as a performer, don’t really want people to hear that [laughs]. But I guess as a fan, it’s cool to hear the inner workings of how a record gets made.”

What extras might make it onto the Temple of the Dog reissue?

“I think there’s probably alternate takes, and I think Chris made demos. But his demos are pretty freaking cool. Some of his demos are amazing. I think that would be OK. But I guess it depends on the quality. But as a musician, I like people to hear the finished product. It’s not a deal breaker for me, it’s more of a philosophical difference I guess. The process of creating music is fantastic, as an artist, but there’s got to be some privacy there.”

  • Fucking hell! Is there badmotorfinger era material that was not put on ‘Echo of Miles’ that come out on a re-release? Fuck me sideways. Alternate takes of songs for Temple? Two of my faves. And I have to wait donkey’s years for this? Could only happen on…

    • Beefcake

      Lol indeed if Monday had a face, mate…

      This would be aces to hear both Badmotorfinger and Temple reissues in 2016. Supposedly Soundgarden are working on a reissue of Ultramega OK as well. Happy days!

      • Blimey! Would be mega! MEGA! I wish me fonts got bigger.

        • Felonious Punk

          Don’t get your hopes up. DOTU and LTL are both getting bare-bones reissues next month. That Superunknown reissue was a treasure trove, though..

  • Chris Hobbs

    Can’t wait for an expanded Badmotorfinger. Pity the didn’t do something similar with the 2 new vinyl reissues.

  • Billy

    A typical schism between fan and artist. I understand that you want ppl to hear what u consider your best as an artist, but the process is just as appealing for fans. To hear anything new Temple music is going to be special.

    • Felonious Punk

      It’s a shame they didn’t all reconvene every five to ten years or so to make more music, in the spirit of a true side project. The TOTD album is so good that it just whets the appetite for more of what could have been as the years pass..

      • Billy

        Fans have been clamoring for more and more from them and they’ve given us a number of live mini reunions, but to not give in and create new music is honorable. They aren’t trying to rehash anything, altho I can’t imagine any scenario where that group of guys could create something that sucked.

        For us it blows, we all want some new stuff lol

        • Felonious Punk

          Right, I would just as soon they leave well enough alone and let the lone TOTD album stand on its own, rather than regroup now just for anniversary purposes. But back in the 90s, when PJ and Soundgarden were hitting their stride, and even after SG broke up, it would have been neat to see when the TOTD legacy wasn’t as heralded as it is today..

          • Billy

            or even getting together and calling it a different name.

          • Felonious Punk

            Cave of the Cats

          • Billy

            Lair of the Lions

          • Felonious Punk

            I got nothin’, lol