Matt Skiba Claims Blink-182 Are Now More Successful Live Than They Were With Tom DeLonge


Blink-182 singer/guitarist Matt Skiba discussed the success of the California tour on The Truth Barrel podcast. Skiba said that the California tour is the most successful Blink-182 tour in 15 years, meaning that it has beaten out several past tours with Tom DeLonge commercially. Alternative Nation transcribed Skiba’s comments.

“At that point, I was just filling in for a couple shows, then when it turned into it actually worked, and then the band gets solidified, and then we get the best tour they’ve had in 15 years we just did this summer. It broke all kinds of records, we have a Gold record, just was at the Grammys the other night. They’ve never had a Grammy nomination, Blink has never had one. So there’s a lot of firsts, it’s all timing and whatever, and I feel like I’m part of the equasion, obviously a small part of the equasion, and honored to be a part of that equasion.

But there is a certain amount of, I don’t want to say guilt, because if I felt guilty, I wouldn’t do it. I do feel for [my Alkaline Trio bandmates], they have children, my bandmate who has a daughter, it aches a little bit when I think about it, because he has a kid. Our drummer has a wife at home, we all have families and stuff, but children, I can’t even imagine. We have a solid crew, and all of a sudden your singer is like, ‘I’m going to go join this other band.’ But they’ve been really amazing, really supportive.”

He also discussed Travis Barker’s fame. “More people know who Travis is I think than know who Blink is, and I’m not even kidding.”

“Travis is such a beautiful, kind, amazing [guy]. The guy will sit out for hours with fans. To watch the way that he raises his kids, I’ve become really good friends with his children, they’re amazing.”

  • Singing the songs that was made by Tom Delonge, =/.

  • Alexis Gentile

    What an unnecessarily inflammatory title. How incredibly rude! Didn’t you listen to the podcast? Matt has been part of Blink for over 2 years now and i have not seen or heard him say one single negative thing about Tom. Matt has worked with Tom before and respects him, twisting his words into a headline like this in order to capitalize on the internet popularity of the “Tom vs Matt” feud is childish and selfish. Have some respect. Matt can be proud of his and his friends’ accomplishments and so can you without making this kind of outright comparison and putting words in his mouth. Shame on you. Blink was great with Tom, Blink is great with Matt, stop feeding this stupid media fire for personal gain.

    • Corndog

      Calm down mate. You’re reading a little more into the headline than was actually there.

  • Corndog

    Then that is the fault of the folks who that don’t have the attention span to read more than just the headline. If you go ahead and form an opinion without checking all available info then you’ve no one but yourself to blame if that opinion is incorrect.