Frances Bean Cobain Posts Emotional Michael Stipe Photo


Frances Bean Cobain has been making her own way through the path of life with and without her celebrity friends. Frances has done so much for herself without the help of many, but there are still a few friends in high places that Frances Bean Cobain still appreciates so much.

Recently, Frances was seen in a photo with Michael Stipe of R.E.M. Some may not know this, but Michael Stipe is Frances Bean Cobain’s godfather. While many godfathers aren’t that close to their godchildren, it seems that Michael and Frances have a great relationship with one another.

The above statement seemed even more true when Frances Bean Cobain took to Instagram to thank Michael for all of his time that he has spent with her to help shape the way she is today. It truly seems that Frances has learned a lot about life from Michael Stipe. Frances wished Michael a very happy birthday on her Instagram in her stories.

In the photo, Frances stated that it has been such a gift from Michael to her to share his “joy, love, consideration, and humor”.

Frances’ father, Kurt Cobain always looked up to Michael Stipe of R.E.M. and they were one of his favorite bands which led to the eventual full circle of Michael Stipe then becoming the godfather of Frances Bean Cobain.

Rumors began in the 1990’s about Ru Paul being the godmother to Frances Bean Cobain, but sadly, this isn’t true. Kurt Cobain did ask Ru Paul to be Frances’ godmother in a video, but it never panned out. The actual godmother of Frances Bean Cobain is Drew Barrymore.

Drew Barrymore and Courtney Love were very close friends in the 1990’s, but later fell out with one another. In the early 2000’s, Drew Barrymore said that she someday hoped to reconnect with Frances Bean Cobain, but there’s not much information on if that ever happened.

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