Ex-Guns N’ Roses Member Threatens To Leave America Due To President Trump


Ex-Guns N’ Roses bassist Tommy Stinson is threatening to leave the United States of America due to President Donald Trump. Stinson ironically made the threat during an interview with Fox News.

Stinson had a personal stake of sorts in the 2016 election after Hillary Clinton’s Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine said during the election that The Replacements’ classic Let It Be was one of his favorite albums.

“I’m politically minded and I’m pretty troubled by a lot of things. I frankly can’t believe I still have to live in this country for a little while longer, but I think I do because of my kid, both my kids,” Stinson said. “But I think that given an out, I’d get the hell out of here as quick as I could.”

Stinson had to deal with lead singer/songwriters in Paul Westerberg and Axl Rose in the past, and compared the singers.

“They’re a lot more similar than they are different. It goes to their genius,” he said. “They’re both great songwriters, both great performers, and have their own particular peccadillos that make their lives what it makes them. You know, you deal with that. We all have our bits.”

After playing in much beloved bands for four of his five decades on Earth, Stinson realizes how charmed his life has been, and says he’s ready to give back.

“I got gratitude. I’ve been very lucky, and I appreciate that,” he said. “There’s still a whole lot of work to do. As much as I like performing and doing what I do, I think there’s a lot more out there that I’m interested in.”