Maynard James Keenan Sends Joe Rogen Eerie Text About Anthony Bourdain


Joe Rogan recently discussed Tool and A Perfect Circle frontman Maynard James Keenan texting him about Anthony Bourdain’s death. Alternative Nation transcribed Rogan’s comments.

“Anthony Bourdain took his life last week, he was a friend of mine, and Friday was real hard. I got a text from my friend Maynard from Tool. Maynard said: ‘So much for the Keenan vs. Bourdain celebrity jui jitsui match.’ He was like, ‘Fuck.’ I was like oh no, what does that mean? So then I Googled it, and I saw, and I was like oh shit man. What? He hung himself, like what?

I was friends with him, I hung out with him, got fucked up with him. What was really weird was he had been saying really recently that he’d never been happier. He was talking about his girlfriend, saying he had never been happier, didn’t know he could be that happy, didn’t know someone could make him that happy.

But who knows, they might have broken up, I don’t know. Sometimes people when they say I’ve never been that happy, you are catching them on these ups and downs. People get manic, I don’t know if he was, but some people get manic. They get up and down.

He liked to get fucked up. He liked to drink, he enjoyed it. It was something that he enjoyed.”

  • billy arrington

    Brett Buchanan’s articles are the Worst. This chump always looks to benefit from people’s deaths or mis fortunes.

    • Joel Clark

      …and pretends to write an article using one or two short quotes obtained by someone else.

      • billy arrington

        And the WORST click bait headlines. Hey BRETT, I think you forgot to write the “EERIE TEXT MESSAGE” . I read this trash twice. You forgot to put the eerie maynard comments. What is eerie about Maynard saying he wanted to have a jui jitsui match with bourdain? Or was it when rogen googled it?
        Every one of your articles is bullshit click bait

  • Artist_8

    this article is stupid

    • billy arrington

      Notice when you’re dooped into clicking an interesting headline/ link, 9 out of 10 times. You’ll see Brett Buchanan’s name attached to it. And the articles are b.s. diarrhea of the mouth. Alternative nation needs to be better than this

  • Thomas Calicchio

    Brett are you that fucking desperate for attention that you would have to lure people into reading your ridiculous articles. I wouldn’t even call this an article. I have seen steaming piles of dog shit more interesting than this. If you need attention this bad. Buy a fucking dog like a normal person.
    Hey Brett I just got an eerie text message from Anthony Bourdain he said your a fucking no talent ass clown and to keep his name out of your mouth. Who did you blow to get this job. You suck

  • Scott Rubin

    A reminder. Just because you can put words together to make sentences, it doesn’t make you a writer.

  • Olga Stewart

    When all of the comments on this article are about both the quality of the writer and the article (and not the music), then you know things are bad for the site.