Dave Grohl Creates Anti-Smells Like Teen Spirit Video With Foo Fighters


Former Nirvana drummer and current Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl revealed in a new PBS interview that he views Foo Fighters’ “Run” music video as the antithesis of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” video. “Smells Like Teen Spirit” recently celebrated its 27th anniversary and appeared on the 1991 landmark album Nevermind, while “Run” was released last year and appeared on Foo Fighters’ album Concrete and Gold. Alternative Nation transcribed Grohl’s comments.

“We want to be the band that is rocking a show at a nursing home and it turns into a riot. It was funny because it then turned into the antithesis of the ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ video that Nirvana made 27 years ago.

Here you have a high school gymnasium, and you’ve got all of these principals and teachers trying to keep the kids in line. But in the nursing home, you’ve got these people, these elderlies, that are overtaking the guards. It’s kind of the opposite.”

In recent years, Dave Grohl has become heavily involved in directing Foo Fighters music videos like “Run.” He has also directed the documentary Sound City and HBO series Sonic Highways.

You can watch the full PBS News Hour special with Foo Fighters below.