Maynard James Keenan On If Tool Is ‘Being Lazy’ With New Album Delays


Maynard James Keenan was asked about Tool’s new album in a recent Wall Street Journal interview, and he claims that he is not being lazy when it comes to the new record.

“I really love Led Zeppelin, and it’s a shame they’re not making more records, more records. But I got up this morning without any problem,” Keenan says. “We’re working on it. … Do I appear to you to be a lazy person who doesn’t want to get that done?”

He also discussed his approach to everything in life, including music.

“If the fruit’s not ready, I can’t pick it,” he says. “If it’s not ready I move on to something else.”

He said he has some issues with technology when it comes to his business projects.

“I have good people on staff who are a little more wired for those things, and I go, ‘F— it, I’m out of here. You deal with it,’” he says, laughing again. “Hands up in the air, walking out the door. ‘I’m going to go have a coffee. Let me know when it’s fixed.’”