Slash Already Planning For 2018, But Will He Be Playing With Guns N’ Roses?


Myles Kennedy discussed possible future plans for Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators in a recent Music Life Magazine interview. He also discussed Guns N’ Roses’ reunion.

“We usually have this sort of thing planned out well in advance. I think I knew, as did the rest of the Conspirators [including Canadians Todd Kerns and Brent Fitz] by the fall of last year about the GnR reunion,” he said, adding that there has been talk of their band getting back together again at some point.

“We actually had communication about a month or month and a half ago about reconvening in the next year to 18 months. So the door is definitely open.”

Kennedy discussed what he has learned from Slash in a recent interview with Alternative Nation reporter Jeff Gorra.

“How hard he rehearses. When we’re preparing for a tour or a record he will rehearse something over and over and over again. He just burns it into his brain. I’ve seen how that can have a positive impact on a performance and how a song comes across. I definitely try to incorporate that more now. For example, this press run we are about to do, we have a few acoustic gigs. It used to be that I would just show up, grab the acoustic and play the song or short set that we had. Now, after playing with Slash, he would insist we get together and practice acoustically because it’s a different arrangement. Little things like that have tweaked my perspective. I work that much harder because of it. He’s instilled a certain work ethic for sure. He’s amazing.”