Freddie Mercury Horrible Firing Before Death Revealed


Freddie Mercury fired Queen keyboardist Morgan Fisher, according to current keyboard player Spike Edney, after horrible theft in a limo. Freddie Mercury’s sad note to a gay lover was revealed a few days ago.

Rolling Stone asked, “Tell me about joining Queen. They were always a four-piece up until the 1982 tour. They used two keyboardists at various points on that one. How did you enter the picture for the next tour?”

Spike responded, “If memory serves, the first player was Morgan Fisher. He fell out with Fred. I think he took his champagne and limo one day and went off. Big mistake. With Fred I should say, it’s a big mistake. That’s the legend at least. Then they hired Fred Mandel, who had been playing with Alice Cooper. I don’t know how they found him, but he took over. He was my predecessor.

He finished off the tour that Morgan Fisher should have completed. Then they took a break after their legendary tour of South America and went to Munich to complete The Works. Mandel was involved with that recording. He’s on ‘Radio Gaga’ and ‘I Want to Break Free.’ By the time they got around to touring it, he was no longer available. Perhaps he was off with a gig he couldn’t turn down.” You can read the full interview at Rolling Stone.

Brian May has announced a new Adam Lambert single titled “Superpower.” He wrote on social media, “Yay ! NEW Adam Lambert release is imminent ! A tantalising snippet for your enjoyment !!! Bri.”

A Freddie Mercury bandmate revealed a sad goodbye letter earlier this week. ines.lecler commented, “Me, waking up at 5 am because I thought it was an Europe Tour. I love Adam, but I’m kinda sad, I had so much hope 😂❤️.” bustosyam wrote, “Was this the big announcement? No South American dates for us poor Argentinians? My heart is so broken I’m gonna jump off my kitchen table 💔😭.” tracywiseman1 chimed in, “Is this yesterdays big announcement Brian or are we waiting for something else? ..was thinking it was tour news for UK/Europe 😔”

blueprintblues said, “Hi Bri — It’s so good to see you back! This album looks EXCELLENT and I’ve been craving some more Adam after seeing his glory at four shows though your whistle-stop tour through our continent. 🌎

While you were on tour I was able to practice various methods of taking stereos, and would love if you could take a look, pull up a chair, stay a while! Would love to keep connected with you in the burgeoning world of stereo photography that you’ve so kindly opened for me.”