Metallica Reveal Why They Tripled Ticket Prices


Metallica manager Peter Mensch discussed the band increasing concert ticket prices in a BBC interview with John Giddings.

Giddings noted (via Ultimate Classic Rock):

“In the ’90s, we were still living by the old rules. Record sales were still huge, making up nearly 80% of a band’s income … it wouldn’t last.”

Mensch recalled the very beginnings of Metallica’s Napster case:

“When I first heard about Napster I was in this office. We had to find the one person with a PC computer in our office. She typed some stuff in and we saw, I don’t know, 50 versions of ‘Enter Sandman.’

“Was there a sinking feeling that the game was up? Yes… We knew that we were in deep shit.”

Over the next 5 years, album sales dropped by 50% pushing the demand for live tickets “through the roof” according to Giddings.

Mensch commented:

“We hadn’t made a record in years. This is just what we do – we play in front of our fans. Rock bands have always had to bring it to the fans.

“We did some tests in the last couple of years. We realized the top price for a Metallica ticket could be much higher than it used to be, and we charged it – and there was no audience pushback on it.

“Shows that might have made X now made 3X. The ticket price thing has changed everything.”

  • Von

    Just wish you were 3 times as good as you were in the 90’s.

    • Marcella

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  • Breath and a Scream


    • Dysnomia

      They lost all of their money when they made the movie. They had to get something back. And it isn’t greedy if the stadiums still sell out. That is called capitalism. Supply and demand. If people stop going, the ticket prices drop.

      If you were offered 3x your pay, would you say “no thanks, that would be greedy of me”?

      What if you asked for any ease and your boss said you are being greedy?

      Or you got a new job and they offered you more money. “No thanks”?

      • Breath and a Scream

        They are worth well over $60 million dollars. How much is enough? Clearly they are only in it for the money, and dont give a damn about the fans that got them where they are. How many fans cant afford to see them now?

        There is also a difference between being offered three times my pay and demanding three times my pay.

        • Dysnomia

          How much is enough? The exact amount that they want. Is just above the poverty line what you should get? By definition by the current classifications in this country, that should be all that you need, right?

          Look, if the scalpers were charging 3x as much, why shouldn’t Metallica get that money instead of scummy scalpers? Metallica raises their prices, scalpers can’t because the prices are already what the market will pay. The artists get the money (which they no longer with streaming), and scumbags are out in the cold.

          As for you not being able to demand 3x your parts. Educate yourself to become even more rare than you are now. The more rare you are with your skills, the more you can demand. The skills the members of Metallica have are extremely rare. So much so that they can practically set their prices.

          Nothing to see here. Move along.