Grammys Disrespect Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington & Rock Icons


Rock has been dying at the Grammys for years, but last night was definitely a low point. The genre’s awards have been receiving less and less coverage for years, with less performances as well. U2, who are pushing 60, doing some sort of political statement was the extent of rock’s major live presence. The Best Rock Song category wasn’t televised, which featured Foo Fighters beating Metallica and Avenged Sevenfold. Avenged Sevenfold even told fans and the media they wouldn’t be attending due to the lack of respect the award was getting due to the lack of televised coverage. The National also did not receive proper coverage for their Best Alternative Album award.

While Foo Fighters and Metallica are obviously entering the latter part of their careers, the fact that even they can’t get on TV is disheartening for bands coming up. Younger acts like Greta Van Fleet and Royal Blood can hopefully be the next generation of rock heavyweights if they can start pumping out classic albums, but how are they supposed to have hope of shaking up the mainstream when even the biggest names in the genre can’t get any respect at music’s biggest awards show?

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The Best Rock Performance was also not televised, which featured Chris Cornell’s “The Promise” losing posthumously to Leonard Cohen’s “You Want It Darker.” Cornell’s daughters and widow were in attendance, and televising this segment could have been a nice chance to pay tribute to Cornell’s career and impact on the industry with some sort of live performance.

There was also a bit where Hillary Clinton and others read quotes from a political book. Why not use that segment to have an artist cover Linkin Park’s “One More Light” in honor of Chester Bennington? Linkin Park didn’t receive any nominations, and it would have been the perfect song to pay tribute to Bennington and others in rock we’ve lost in the last year. Logic’s suicide prevention awareness song was definitely a nice gesture coming out of the In Memoriam segment, but it would have been nice to hear more of the music from the rock artists who have passed away, as we only really got that with Chris Stapleton’s tribute to Tom Petty.

It still hurts. #chriscornell #soundgarden #audioslave

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  • Eddie Yarler

    The best thing we can do for new rock bands is make sure they’re plsyed on the radio. In a way, I can see rock’s neglect from the mainstream as a way for it to regain popularity. Rap and pop will reach carrying capacity and the cycle will switch again.

    Red Sun Rising is releasing a new album in March. Nothing More, Starset, Greta Van Fleet, Royal Blood and The Pretty Reckless are all doing something new soon. If you’re curious check out any of these bands and see which ones resonate with you. These are the more popular post 2010s rock acts lately.

  • BubbaClinton

    The Rappeez……not Grammys.

  • Olga Stewart

    When it comes to a career, it’s not about how many awards you receive.

    It’s about the impact that you have made on people.

    Chris, Chester, and others have made their impact. So much so that they will be remembered for years and decades to come.

    • Marcella

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  • BranFAN

    If anyone was disrespected, it’s Lorde. That Patti Lupone performance, though beautiful, was completely unnecessary and had nothing to do with music in 2016.

    • Olga Stewart

      That was the one performance I did watch.

      I wasn’t interested in seeing anything else of the show.

    • dakotablue

      I thought Patti Lupone sounded old and tired and that whole Broadway medley thing also O & T. Can’t believe how much time they wasted on that and almost completely ignored any live rock performances.

  • Kay B

    Bottom line: They sucked.

  • s.d

    Yes unfortunately the Grammy’s much like society has been going down hill for years. Honoring crappy so called “music” instead of real music that will people will still be talking about 50 years from now. I only watched the ending because I wanted to see the memorial segment & even that was disappointing! What a waste of time!

  • ghostofobia

    amazing,,one of the best singers in the world vanishes from this planet and Chester who made a big impact as well, still they didn’t mention any of them, what a disgrace. that is why i listen to progressive rock,,,at least i stay away from this media shit awards,,,

    • dakotablue

      At least they played a snippet of Chris singing (Black Hole Sun), Glenn Frey, Donna Summer and of course the Tom P tribute, but they did not play even a smidge by Chester, Glenn Campbell or Mel Tillis, either, all huge stars that died last year. What can you do, they just suck and almost always have.

  • Eric Radziewicz

    Good article this time, Brett.