Motley Crue Icon Busted For Selling Drugs Near Keith Richards


Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx discussed being busted for selling drugs outside of The Rolling Stones show when he was younger in a new Kerrang interview, near notorious drug addict Keith Richards. Sixx and Richards are fortunately both clean now.

“I was very lucky. I was busted at a Rolling Stones concert in Seattle for selling drugs – it was chocolate mescaline – so I fled the city. I worked on a farm while I tried to raise money, but my uncle worked for Capitol Records and he said that I could live with him, which for me was everything.

He would give me records by all these bands – obviously The Beatles were one of them – and he really fed my hunger for music. So that’s how I ended up in Los Angeles. He got me a job at a record store, and that’s when I started putting bands together in LA. That was probably in 1974.”

Sixx recently wrote on Instagram, “Happy birthday to my free spirited,big thinker,kind hearted beautiful daughter ‘Storm’ today. Here we are in Japan getting matching ‘Cupcake’ tattoo’s because that was her nickname from me when she was little. Daughter’s will always be your little girl no matter how big they get..So proud of her and really looking forward to a father daughter date tonight to hear all about her newest dreams and aspirations. #ProudFather #Family.”