New Tool Album Could Face ‘Long Delay’ For Sad Reason


The waiting game continues as Tool creep towards completion of their first studio album since 2006. Providing an update on the possible forthcoming work, frontman Maynard James Keenan tweeted:

Radio/podcast personality Eddie Trunk addressed the tweet on his SiriusXM show a couple of days ago and had concerns for the chemistry and communication amongst the Tool members through the recording process, and described their ‘dysfunction’ as he sees it.

“If you read that tweet, it does not come off like in any way, shape or form there’s any new Tool record imminent. Because what he’s essentially saying in that tweet, and the way I read it, is he is basically passing the buck on that record to the other three guys. It’s pretty blatantly clear over time here that you’ve got Maynard on one island and the other three guys on another island and I don’t think there’s a lot of camaraderie or interplay between them. They seem [as if they are from] very two completely different worlds. Some feel that Maynard is the reason why this stuff takes forever. Maynard has countered that it’s the other three guys, they always change stuff; they can’t settle on anything.”

Keenan’s tweet says “if Tool inst tracked.”  It’s as if the singer doesn’t know if his band is done yet.  Trunk then pulls apart the plans Keenan laid out concerning his other bands, claiming it’s obvious the Tool singer doesn’t have his heart totally in Tool:

“So what he said in that tweet is that he recorded all the vocals and if the other guys finish all the music then after that, there will be a very long mixing process. Then basically he laid out his own plans through like 2020. Puscifer, A Perfect Circle, wine. To me, I took that whole tweet, and I don’t think you have to be a dummy to look at it that way, is him saying, ‘hey I did my part, this ain’t on me anymore, when they get together, the record will come out. I’m booked for the next year- see ya.'”

Maynard’s tweet ends with a passive aggressive #whileyouwerewhiningiwasworking, without addressing it to anyone in particular. But to Eddie, it’s obviously related to Tool. Trunk thinks it creates more of a question about the future:

“That’s huge right there. That’s all you need to know about the disconnect between these guys. Here, he’s saying, ‘I did my part, I’m done, while you guys were whining, in his words about whatever was or wasn’t happening, I was doing work.’ All of that translates to me as to say: ‘y’all still ain’t gonna see anything from Tool for a whole lot longer.'”

  • SD Schol

    Uh…think it’s more like while you fans who ask over and over again when there will be a new record, whining about the delah, I’ve been working on the vocals. …..

  • mystic headlock

    This Eddie Trunk guy put an impressive amount of energy into twisting that tweet into something that it wasn’t. What a BS clickbait article.

    • Frankie

      I have all but stopped clicking on Tool articles because of how stupid they are. But I was morbidly curious.

    • Dlux

      funny seeing you here!

      • mystic headlock

        Haha, fucking Google sent me to this dump.

  • Stone Gossardish

    These clowns should just say don’t count on anything else from Tool, ever, and leave it at that.

    Imagine trying to manage that Maynard guy. Can’t pay that person enough.

    • David Cox

      I totally agree. People revere him as if he is a God. It’s just music, good music. He always comes off as a arrogant asshole.

      • Stone Gossardish

        He’s a clown. A mildly talent clown that was worshiped by a niche audience a very long time ago now. He’s been a clown for a long time now. Most wouldn’t recognize him on the street, some might offer him change to go away.

        • Cunt Fuckula

          If he wore a green turtleneck, he’d look like a tall testicle.

          • Kenney Kost

            You guys are drinking this EDDIE TRUNK kool-aid a little to easily. Maynard just fucks around and messes with people. Weird sense of humor. It would actually be pretty amazing to manage ‘that maynard guy’ because he rakes in cash doing awesome shit and Im sure his manager makes plenty of cash while getting to be around an intense amount of amazing creative energy.

            If you dont like or know TOOL, which it sounds like its one or the other with most of you in this particular thread in the comments, then why even comment? LOL worshipped as a god by a niche group? During Aenima and Lateralus tours they were they biggest grossing American band going. That is a HUGE niche i guess.

  • Dingle Berry

    Wow, Eddie Trunk is an idiot. “without addressing it to anyone in particular’…..except for the last 12 f-ing years, of weekly+ repeated references. Let Tool do Tool because they know Tool and have never demonstrated anything else, ever. Don’t let this Eddie guy do or say anything, because he has demonstrated that he can’t. Please tell Eddie’s Mom that the dishes are piling up in the basement and she hasn’t used enough downy on his socks lately.

    • Dan

      Almost 13 years.

  • JJ Flynn

    Lol. We have already seen videos of the other band members tracking. They did most of it before Maynard came in to track his vocals. This is just typical Maynard trolling. In the same post he said he’s going to troll the bands Facebook with posts about his Wine company. As we all anxiously await a post about a release date, he will make wine posts, slowly driving us insane. Quite genius really. If the album isn’t out by May, I’ll will be massively surprised.

  • Lazy_lightning

    Have you seen his twitter/facebook/insta etc? All it is, is wine shit. The man has clearly lost his passion for music and found it in wine. Not saying that it’s a bad thing, well bad for the fans and other members of tool. But is he is happy…

    • Lost his passion in music? He’s literally been consistently putting out Puscifer albums the past several years with plans to release another one in 2020 and just released a new A Perfect Circle album last year. A guy putting out new music for three different bands 3 years in a row doesnt sound like a guy who lost “passion” to me

  • Brandon Smallwood

    Maynard never records vocals until the music is finished. It would have taken this guy 5 minutes of research to get that information

    • whiplash5300

      My first thought reading this…. Any REAL Tool fan knows he doesn’t even begin writing lyrics untill the music is done. Lame article

    • I JUST READ a story via Facebook where he mentions that fact. The podcaster and writer of this article need to possibly find different lines of work….

  • Chris Kelly

    I think that people are over thinking everything Maynard says. He was obviously joking with the “while you were whining i was working” thing. He was just saying that he has been working on the album and then joking about everyone complaining about waiting so long for an album release. He has already said in an interview with Joe Rogan that the 3 band members creating the instramentals and when they are finished he goes in and writes the lyrics and vocals. So it’s just there process. So he’s has to be the last person to record and he is saying that he is done with the vocals and now it’s not on him because now it’s the producers and studio engineers who are responsible for the time it takes to finish mixing and tracking.

    • Most songwriters I know usually pen their lyrics after laying some tracks or at the very least have some ideas bouncing around. This article is bollocks.. clickbait garbage

  • All you need to do is do just the tiniest bit of research and you would see your complete over reading into this tweet is all nonsense and speculative garbage. The #whileyouwerewhiningIwasworking hashtag was directed at the fans, not the band. He was poking fun at all the fans who were complaining about when the album is coming out and blaming him for it not moving along because of his “wine making” and other shit. He’s been working a lot, and as he has said multiple times and has been known for years, Maynard writes the lyrics to songs AFTER the instrumentals are done, not before, not during, after. The band isnt estranged from each other, they all just have their own stuff going on, hence why they do stuff in pieces.

  • Pleasant Rain

    Lifelong Tool fan. Their last great release was Lateralus. I used to wait and wonder, and now I’ve just moved on. If something new comes out, great, but I’m not looking forward to it the way I used to. I save that for modern relevant bands like The Ocean that have picked up where Tool left off.

    Huge Puscifer fan though. I’m with Maynard 100%.

    • Dan

      Their last great release was 10,000 Days.

      • Cunt Fuckula

        Their last great release was Aenima.

  • Jerky McJerkface

    I wonder if Pink Floyd or The Beatles would’ve been able to finish an album if they had nagging fans and hangers-on in their way like social media allows now.

    • Dan

      Oh so it’s the fans fault that they haven’t released any new material in 13 years?

      • Jerky McJerkface

        I’m just saying that the drama surrounding their actually working on something will inevitably discourage any further efforts.

  • David Cox

    Maynard’s in 3 fucking band. I’ve never listened to pusifer and not into a Perfect circle. How does he juggle that and what is his priority? Nobody would be interested in his other bands had it not been for tool. What the band should of done is either replace MJK or formed another band.No way they should let one guy dictate the bands future. Maynard is 50 years old, after this album, will he be 60 when the next tool album comes out?I like tool alot but I’m not a worshiper.

    • Dan

      He’s actually 54 years old.

  • Timber Dudemanbro Logins

    Pretty sure the while you were whining I was working hashtag was directed toward his impatient fans and that this dude has it all wrong. So if MJK is done with vocals, the band will probably have to go back to make minor adjustments to fit around his track(s). Then they’ll have to do a final tracking of all and mix and master, so yeah it’ll be a bit yet I think, but it’s not as deliberately pretentious as the writer makes it out to be. Be paaaaaaaatient.

  • Nathaniel Prince Coulter

    I know how he feels, anyone who speaks on the esoteric knowledgeably/masterfully. has to contend with people over analysing all that’s said. Can be challenging at times to navigate, no one is perfect.

  • Frank Longo

    Why is alternative nation such a clickbait shitrag of a site?

  • Jaguar Paw

    Wow, this guy’s an idiot.

  • whiplash5300

    This article needs to be removed for it’s sheer stupidity.

  • Cunt Fuckula

    LMFAO the Tool album isn’t coming out any time soon? I’m shocked, absolutely FLOORED, by this surprising twist in plot.

    While Adam is wasting time posting lame photos of his dopey wife and kid on Instagram, Maynard is probably backstage raping more groupies with a bottle of his overrated wine stuck up his asspipe.

    Fuck Maynard James Rapist and anything he has his dirty, midgetman hands in.

    • Kenney Kost

      You actually buy all that rape crap? The story has been shredded for being false. Im not a protector of famous people. I used to love Louis CK until his stupid shit came out. But this about Maynard doesnt at all come across as true.

  • Its brutally apparent that this Eddie Trunk dude is not someone who does any sort of homework on things he elects to speak about at length on his podcast, nor is he a fan of the band whatsoever. Because… anyone that knows anything about Maynard certainly knows that he is currently wearing about ten different hats: winemaker, Jiu Jitsu practitioner, owner of his own Jiu Jitsu studio (or dojo I suppose you could call it) and singer in not one but THREE touring bands. And not only is he a busy guy, but he likes to joke quite a bit. He knows the fans are starving for an album and he knows that people will pick apart everything he says because many fans of his view him as this “Rock/Metal Messiah” when he has been very candid about how silly or asinine it is for people to worship him. He pokes fun at fans in at least one of Tool’s songs. So let’s all just calm the eff down and not take every word as some inside joke or some half baked attempt to tell the world that Tool is breaking up or something. And you… yeah you… guy who wrote this article…. SHAME ON YOU for also not doing your homework and for taking the ramblings of some unknown Podcaster as gold. I’m sure an album will be out soon enough and in the meantime, if anyone doesn’t have anything bigger to lose sleep over then I truly envy you.

  • Matty1977

    The update Maynard gave a couple of months ago said the record will be released in 2019. Maynard has never given a date before that so I believe him.

    Tool starts to play shows in May including a tour in Europe. I bet the new album will be out by May 2019.

  • DeathPiggy

    What do you people expect from any sort of so called news media these days? As others have said, clickbait.
    Maynard trolled ole Trunk without even trying it seems.