Prince Had Bizarre Request When Stone Temple Pilots Recorded At His Studio


Butthole Surfers’ Paul Leary discussed recording “Lounge Fly” with Stone Temple Pilots at Prince’s Paisley Studios in a new Reddit AMA.

How did you end up playing the guitar solo on Stone Temple Pilots’ song Lounge Fly?
Any amusing stories or anecdotes or whatever about the band during recording sessions or your tour together?

“We were touring with STP, and we had a day off in Minnesota. So they booked a day at Prince’s Paisley studio and invited me over. I was told not to look at Prince.”

Dude, your band is fucking awesome. My question: what’s the craziest hijinks you and the group got up to on tour? Doesn’t have to be anything NSFW, just crazy.

“Gibby once defecated into a big gulp cup and insisted on shaking it backstage for our listening pleasure.”

What are the “lyrics” on of the verse (sweatleaf part) of “Sweatloaf)? gibby’s echoing but i wonder if there are some words.

Also: do you remember writing the repeating the guitar lead to graveyard? Its one of my faves and i would love to know where and how that was written!

“‘Rape of desire’ is what I always guessed.

The original Graveyard guitar was achieved by leaving a guitar rig set up with microphone and waited for Gibby to walk by and start playing. Hit ‘record’, and Gibby never even knew he was playing to the song.”