NFL Icon Wants Dave Grohl To Run For President


Aaron Rodgers posted on Instagram, “Great night in Madison yesterday getting to see @foofighters and @itscrab many thanks to Dave, Taylor and Gus for their hospitality, and for the last 2+ decades of music. Also thanks to @itscrab for showing off his tribals and mentioning #alterbridge in conversation more than 2.5 times. I took the over. #foofighters #madison #crab #tribaltattoo #davegrohlforpresident #taylorhawkinsisabeast #midrange.”

Aaron Rodgers discussed his Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters fandom in a 2014 Alternative Nation interview, “Got to see Pearl Jam last Monday, and meet Eddie, that was a big highlight. I got to meet Taylor Hawkins and a couple other guys from Foo Fighters at the Superbowl, which was an absolute highlight. Then Adam Duritz from Counting Crows used to sing in our locker room after wins at Cal, so it’s been great to get to know some of those guys, who I just have the utmost amount of respect for, what they do. It is true in a lot of cases, that athletes often dream about being rock stars, and I know meeting some of these guys, how much they love sports, and it really does cross over.”

“Eddie played ‘Just Breathe’ the other night, which has always been one of my favorites. Playing the guitar, any song that involves finger-picking has always been really interesting to me, because it takes talent to move your fingers that quickly, so I have a big appreciation for the musicians especially. I really enjoyed the Into the Wild soundtrack that Eddie put together, ‘Society’ is a track on that record that I really love. Obviously ‘Better Man,’ ‘Alive,’ and ‘Daughter’ are some of my favorites, the classics that people like. He was unbelievable the other night, I mean [the fact that] him and his band could play 36 songs, there’s no other place I’d rather be than a live music concert. It was a special moment.”

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