AC/DC Singer Brian Johnson Leaks Awful Contract Demand


AC/DC singer Brian Johnson recently discussed his first recording contract being a ripoff on his AXS TV show ‘A Life on the Road.’ Alternative Nation transcribed his remarks. Brian Johnson dropped ‘the end’ of AC/DC bombshell yesterday.

“I remember the first time out to a real studio, I thought wow, we made it. Then these little men came with contracts, and I found my first contract, and in the middle was a red stamp. It said, ‘The artist is not supposed to get more than a 10% gross of everything.’ Contracts, they’ve screwed up more bands than anything.”

Brian Johnson has been rumored to reunite with Angus Young, Cliff Williams, and Phil Rudd for a new AC/DC album and tour. Angus Young was devastated by a family tragedy earlier this week. Pancake81 posted on about the band’s lack of communication with fans, “ACDC is as good as it gets for playing Balls to the wall Rock & Roll, but they suck at communicating with fans and letting them in. It’s not a new style for them, it’s basically been that way since the inception.

There are plenty of interviews of course, basically none of the candid. Pre scripted, questions submitted to band management, PR junk. A few one off’s that are good, LTBR movie comes to mind. And the band seemed embarrassed by this movie. Arguably the best footage of ACDC, both on and off the stage.

I am a guitar player, and fan of all those that rock. Hence my love for Angus and Mal. But it’s frustrating when you never get the personable approach. My love for The Rolling Stones has a much different relationship than ACDC. I don’t like their music as much, but their accessibility is amazing. Keith Richards currently has a YouTube channel called, “Ask Keith”, and it’s just fans pitching open questions to him. Episodes last a short 2 minutes. AND THEIR AMAZING. Just cool questions like, do you enjoy playing old songs, do you ever change guitar parts, what do you love about your guitars etc. how cool would that be for ACDC Fans!

ACDC has never been in the spotlight after they walk off the stage. It’s stoic in a lot of ways, but as the band winds down, it leaves so many questions. So much unanswered, the little things. I guess I am just wishing Angus would approach it like his old friend and role model Keith. Share the stories, have a laugh, reminisce. We would love to tune in.

I guess that’s why they say ACDC is a religion. At the end of the story, you have more questions than answers.” Brian Johnson recently discussed rejecting a horrible tour offer.