Howard Stern Caught Brutally Disrespecting Kurt Cobain


Howard Stern recently discussed disrespecting late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain‘s friendship with Bobcat Golthwait on his show, leading to Bobcat never coming on again. Kurt Cobain’s daughter recently leaked the worst photo of her Dad. recapped a vacation show episode: Howard said Bobcat was on the show years ago and he told a heartfelt story about Kurt Cobain and he was being an asshole to Bobcat. He said he said he wasn’t really friends with Kurt and that upset Bobcat. He said he was trying to be funny and he ruined yet another relationship. He said it wasn’t even humorous. He said it was just silly. He said he does like Bobcat. He said he doesn’t think he ever forgave him. He said he never came back after that. He said he felt bad about it.

Howard asked Gary what he talked to him about. Gary said he talked to him about his daughter and things like that. He said it wasn’t really much of anything. Howard said he saw a picture of Gary hanging out with Adam Levine’s wife at the Super Bowl. He asked if she’s hot. Gary said she’s beautiful. He said that everyone was out except Adam. He said he had to save his voice. Howard said that’s the curse of being the lead singer. Howard said that was some picture of Gary with Behati.

Howard asked if Largo is as cool as Steve says it is. Gary said it’s almost like a gymnasium and it’s got a bar next to it. He said they do these nights where they host some parties and it’s all about the people who are there. He said anyone can get in there though. He said his son has gone to see some shows there.

Howard said Gary was quite the hob knobber. He said he stays home while Gary goes out and has fun. He said he has to perform and Gary gets to be the bass player and he can party and still come into work and function.

Robin said she knows that Gary doesn’t feel bad when he’s the shortest one in the picture. She said everyone is taller than Gary in his family picture. Gary said even his dog is taller than him. Howard Stern recently discussed a sad Smashing Pumpkins loss.