Nirvana Bassist’s Reaction To Kurt Cobain Conspiracy ‘Soaked In Bleach’ Will Surprise You


Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic finally shared his thoughts on the Kurt Cobain murder conspiracy docudrama Soaked in Bleach, which features Tom Grant. Novoselic tweeted regarding the film: “I fucking hate that piece of shit!”


Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic discussed Kurt Cobain and Nirvana in a new Rolling Stone interview.

“We were inspired by the Beatles, we just took things from different bands. Sex Pistols, Beatles, Bay City Rollers (laughs), we would joke that we were a boy band.”

“I wish Kurt was still around,” he says. “A whole new generation of listeners are discovering Nirvana and is connecting with Nirvana. It’s always good that we remember Kurt. He lives on.”

“You know Kurt was a cynical bastard,” Novoselic continues. “He could be a vicious critic. You know, I love him, but boy, I don’t know what he’d think of a lot of music today. He wouldn’t hold his punches. Kurt just had so much passion, the way he’d sing and feel about the music. We all had this intensity.”

“We used to practice all the time, just putting songs together, and feeling good about the songs. It just seemed like anything was possible, there was a lot of innocence too. It was like coming of age, like reaching puberty, you have all of this awareness. It was just exciting, just getting to play bass, with Dave on drums, and Kurt singing and playing guitar, it was very exciting.”

  • Raj

    Lol, Krist is awesome!

  • Trovoid

    Krist would get along with all of us here. That is until some of the whackjobs come out of hiding and tell us why they’re so sure Tom Grant is right.

    • Brad

      Not that I think Courtney did it herself but a lot of evidence including how much heroin was in his system does in fact conclude more should of been examined at the time,instead of open and shut was a legend that died not Joe dope.kris I’m sure has his reasons why he feels that way,more in my opinion that Kurt loved Courtney very much and also his daughter,so to say she had something or someone involved in his death would devastate alot of people.sometimes people just don’t want to figure out what happened and move on rather than go crazy themselves,so saying “i fucking hate that piece of shit”isnt explaining alot on what the person asked.

      • Trovoid

        Yeah I know, I’ve heard it all before. I just know that he was really depressed and many people don’t understand how someone so successful who appeared to have it all could kill himself. Especially considering he had a young daughter. I think a murder scenario is easier for people to accept than the apparent truth. Mental illness and addiction is a bitch. I never rule out possibilities but they would have found evidence by now. It has been a huge deal for over 20 years. With the amount of money Kurt had, an insane heroin tolerance wouldn’t surprise me. If he was gonna point the trigger at himself, it would only make sense that he got super loaded first.

        • ExtremelyJealous

          Maybe he was even hoping to OD and used the gun when that didn’t happen.

          • Brad

            Heroin hits you as soon as you inject it,even the most common heroin user can tell you that keeping your head up isn’t easy so logically picking a huge gun up with no problems with that much heroin is silly

    • Nonbiasfanboi

      whackjobs like Kim Gordon who hint in their own book that they believe it and lots of others that knew kurt but yeah “whackjobs”.

  • Allison Auld

    I saw it recently. Some of it was interesting, like how almost everyone agreed that he was planning on divorcing Courtney. But when you see the performance footage from the time period soon before his death, you can see he was unhinged. Then, in “Montage of Heck”, his mother spoke about how miserable he was because of his addiction. Rome was a failed suicide attempt, not a failed homicide attempt. I’m sure CL was throughly investigated. Her “crime” was being an ambitious woman in a male-dominated field. Yeah, she was a junkie. So was he. Courtney Love didn’t kill Kurt Cobain. Drugs killed Kurt Cobain. They loosened his mind until a genius, fun-loving creative personality became a hollow, depressed shell. Put the blame where it is due.

    • Allison Auld

      Another thing is they got an actress to play Courtney who kinda resembled her circa 1994 but then they cast this brown-haired, dark-eyed guy as Kurt! I know it’s a “documentary”, “re-enactment” or whatever but they couldn’t find a slight, blue-eyed guy with stringy blond hair for the part? I know they’re out there – I see them all the time, even now-a-days. Frances Cobain even married one! It was just weird.

      • Katie

        I agree. They blew the casting on Kurt.

  • Trovoid

    No insults intended, I’m always open to possibilities. I just think it’s pretty unlikely. I respect others opinions if they’re respectful as well and don’t get hostile in response.

  • AlanCantWhistle

    It’s not surprising at all. It was a terrible film with very little research done. Instead the director just took the word of Tom Grant and edited several interviews to make it look as though the experts and Kurt’s friends were in agreement with the murder theory. The fact is that 3 of the experts have since spoken out about how their words were edited and Kurt’s friend Ryan Aigner has also stated the makers didn’t do their homework. The whole idea that 75mgs is a lethal dose of heroin is also in dispute since there is no way to determine a lethal dose for an individual. Users have taken 225mgs of heroin at one time and have survived.

  • AlanCantWhistle

    Stamper was the Chief of police immediately after Kurt died. He was well aware of the murder theory, Tom Grant and Richard Lee. His signature is all over a good portion of the case files. He COULD have done something the seven years he was Chief but didn’t. He could probably have some sway now but he won’t do it. We’ve asked him. He isn’t interested anymore.

  • Burmese Days

    Read Tom Grant’s “The Mysterious Death of Kurt Cobain” where Grant makes a seriously strong case for murder, It’s a much more complete picture than the one given in Soaked in Bleach. If Krist reads the book, maybe he can explain why Kurt’s car was at his house on Thursday. Who had the car keys? And who drove the car back to Kurt’s house a few hours before the body was discovered? But instead, I suspect Krist will just continue to swear at us in ignorance.

    • Corndog

      “I suspect Krist will just continue to swear at us in ignorance.”

      Are you actually suggesting that you know more about Cobain than his close friend and band mate did?

  • Corndog

    I think he is in a much better position to know if his friend killed himself then we are. If he and Grohl don’t believe it, that’s good enough for me.

  • Corndog

    I read a bunch of conspiracies online and convinced myself 2+2=5 is an even poorer argument.

  • AlanCantWhistle

    Why do you think no one has ever taken 225mgs of heroin and survived? Where’s the stats you are getting your informaiton from? What’s the standard lethal dose for non-users?