Kurt Cobain Lawyer Accused Of Murder Conspiracy Bombshell


Alternative Nation has reported in the last couple of days on former Nirvana manager Danny Goldberg commenting on Tom Grant’s conspiracy theories about Kurt Cobain’s death, including a claim involving Goldberg’s ex-wife Rosemary Carroll and an allegation about Courtney Love forging Kurt Cobain’s suicide note.

On a YouTube video featuring Goldberg’s remarks, Tom Grant has left a comment alleging comments that Carroll made. Alternative Nation contributor Mike Ratherson debated Tom Grant about the Kurt Cobain murder conspiracy theory a couple of years ago in an article on the anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death. Alternative Nation does not believe Kurt Cobain was murdered based on the publicly available evidence. If you are struggling with suicidal thoughts like Cobain, you can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

“Danny you are making a complete fool of yourself.

You know you just fabricated our conversation and that it ended with me asking you to leave because you would not answer my simple questions.

You also know Rosemary’s comments were not taken out of context. Rosemary made it clear, as evidenced by our tape recorded conversations, that SHE believed the so-called ‘suicide note’ was not written by Kurt. She repeated that belief to me months after Kurt’s death. So if your wife, (who was also Kurt and Courtney’s personal entertainment attorney) believed that, the only logical conclusion was that SHE had to believe Kurt was murdered. Otherwise, why would someone else write the note?

Rosemary also told me over and over that ‘Kurt was NOT SUICIDAL.’

The bottom line is this: If what you say is true, why haven’t you and Rosemary filed charges against me for illegally tape recording the phone calls between Rosemary and me? The answer is simple: If you did, I would face criminal charges, but at the same time, Rosemary would face a deposition where the truth would come out.

So here’s a simple offer: You and I, Rosemary and I, or both you, Rosemary and I can put together a public hearing or roundtable which would be video taped. We could address any and all questions about Kurt Cobain’s death, your slanderous claims that I am liar and that the tape recorded conversations with Rosemary were taken out of context.

I’ve been totally honest and have nothing to fear. If you are being totally honest, the only thing you have to fear is the exposure of your lies.

Feel free to contact me at tomgrantpi@yahoo.com Danny.

Let’s do it.

Tom Grant.”

Goldberg had previously stated, “I attribute that to Tom Grant being a liar, who taped her without her knowing it and then edited the tape in a way to alter her feelings. She has never, ever said anything publicly to agree with him, but he took these edited tapes, put them on the internet and people believe that’s her view. However, she’s never said that I interviewed her for the book and it’s part of Tom Grant’s crazy conspiracy theory to – at a time of tremendous grief after somebody we loved very much, on this, she was in a position of having to be able to deal with things I didn’t have deal with legally.

When asked by Courtney to meet with this guy, he taped all these conversations, took a few things out of context and then put them on the internet to make it seem like she agreed with the theory that in my opinion, she does not agree.  She certainly never said a single word publicly to agree with that.”