Britney Spears Lets It All Hang Out In Pink Dress

Britney Spears has posted on Instagram, “I’ve always thought a baby pink dress would be lame honestly but with a tan it’s actually really pretty … although it’s been icy outside and most days you can’t go out ❄️ !!! There have been a few days I couldn’t help it and went to the garden 🪴!!! I look much younger with a tan but I dunno … a lot of people say it makes you look older … what do you guys think 🤔 ??? Whatever you guys do stay inside !!! There is a huge storm out there ☔️ !!! This was one of my favorite songs but never released as a single 🤔🤔 !!!” You can view it below.

Britney Spears is going through some very difficult mental and emotional times lately. Everything about the former queen of 90’s pop has been fully exposed in the media, and many of Spears’ somewhat erratic social media posts are causing more than just concern. Many believe that the singer could be in danger of a major mental breakdown – perhaps worse. 

TMZ reports, Interventionist (who knew there was such a thing) Ken Seeley is urging all the folks in Britney Spears’ inner circle to get on the same page and get her some help … saying if she continues to spiral, it could cost her her life.