Nirvana Break Silence About ‘Emotional’ Reunion Without Kurt Cobain


Kerrang have released the first excerpt from their interview with the reunited Nirvana. Nirvana reunited at Cal Jam 2018 earlier this month to perform with Joan Jett and John McCauley filling in for Kurt Cobain.

“When Pat, Krist and I sat down to go through those songs in a small rehearsal room with concrete walls, it fuckin’ sounded like Nirvana,” says Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl. “It was like being shot into outer space. Being able to play that drum fill and break into the chorus… it’s spiritual, physical, emotional.

“We would look at each other and smile, but the emotions would kind of go in waves, because there was someone missing – and you wish that you could still share those songs with Kurt,” he continues.

Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic adds that the experience of revisiting the Seattle trio’s back-catalogue at the San Bernardino bash will last long in the memory.

“It was odd, but it felt like a real treat,” says the bassist. “I caught myself beaming away during …Teen Spirit. I couldn’t quite believe I was playing it again, and I will cherish that moment for a long time because it was pretty special.”

  • Rizz

    sounded good to me too. Good to see them together. Its better like that.

  • ghkdtjdguq1

    Oh please Dave, why don’t you make anthology albums like The Beatles. there are lots of mocking version of Kurt’s song. Still those songs are gems and also you have 2 friends of Nirvana still. still believe Nirvana is not break up, just in hiatus statement. I was only 13 years old when Kurt died. I just saw the news on the otherside world. I really want to see that Nirvana logo again. Also you should know it’s really cool to see band’s logo in the jewel case still. Sorry Dave I’m just a greedy person but……