Nirvana Reunion, Pearl Jam & Red Hot Chili Peppers Set For Huge New Release


Billboard reports that Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: In Concert will be available April 24 as four DVDs and two Blu-rays featuring 53 live performances from the ceremonies, including: Nirvana’s 2014 performance with Lorde, Joan Jett, Kim Gordon and Annie Clark singing in place of the late Kurt Cobain; Ringo Starr and an all-star cast of friends, including Beatles mate Paul McCartney; Pearl Jam; Journey; Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band; Cat Stevens; Chicago; the Red Hot Chili Peppers; Green Day; Cheap Trick; Deep Purple; Joan Jett & the Blackhearts; Yes; Rush; and more. The video sets will also feature induction and acceptance speeches from the ceremonies.’

Included in the sets will be the ceremony-ending jams that bring multiple nominees and presenters together to finish the show. Cheap Trick hosted theirs in 2016, which guitarist Rick Nielsen tells Billboard was “just a great time. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame basically told us what to play and how to play and when to play and all that stuff, and it worked out fine. I think they looked at the roster of who was getting inducted and knew we’d go out there and play like any other show. I think they saw that Cheap Trick’s an energy, a fun band to be around. And also we were the band that had the least conflict of any band going in that year (which included Chicago and Deep Purple), so we were the right guys to close the night.”

  • Stone Gossardish

    If this is cut down and edited like the HBO shows were, and pumped full of fake crowd noise, I hope no one buys it.

    • Karen

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    • iwrestledabearonce

      No matter what, it’s going to suck monkey balls.