Pink Floyd Icon Rips ‘Nightmare’ David Gilmour Performance


During the most recent episode of the Pink Floyd podcast ‘The Lost Art of Conversation: A Pink Floyd Podcast, David Gilmour discusses a particular show from the city of Venice, Italy from 1989, when Roger Waters was out of the group and Gilmour was leading band by that point. Pink Floyd recently reveal David Gilmour demand before death.

Gilmour reveals the logistics of running a show in the city and how the city of Venice blamed Pink Floyd for property damage that happened after the show occurred. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments. This Pink Floyd icon ‘threatens’ bandmate after a mistake at show.

David Gilmour: An enormous, enormous floating platform was tugged from Norway for us to do our show. Fantastic.

Interviewer: How long did it take?

Gilmour: Well, I have no idea but I imagine weeks. How long would you think? A month maybe, no? I don’t have a picture of it, I have never seen a picture of it and no one ever took one that I know but how else are you supposed to do this sort of gig? I mean, I supposed you could get lots of small ones and tie them together but then do what they do, you know? One going up and another going down and I don’t remember quite how all that worked but it was a fantastic occasion.

David Gilmour recently revealed if Roger Waters ‘faked’ this performance. Gilmour continued:

Gilmour: I think the whole of the city of Venice had promised us everything for the massive amount of people who were going to be there and I didn’t think they even quite understood how many people were actually gonna turn up to this thing and it was enormous. It seemed as if the entire town council disappeared on holiday somewhere else for that weekend because I think an awful lot of the audience couldn’t find food, couldn’t find public toilets and there were logistical nightmares to do. There was supposedly some damage to one or two buildings which they blamed on our fireworks but obviously that wasn’t true because they were out over the water somewhere. There was a little bit of bother about the whole event.