Myles Kennedy Tells Soundgarden ‘Cover Band’ Story


Alter Bridge singer Myles Kennedy discussed Soundgarden and Alice In Chains in a new Classic Rock interview.

“Growing up here [in Spokane, WA] we were four or five hours away from Seattle, and seeing all that starting to happen in the late eighties was exciting.

“We had no idea how big it was gonna get. In ’88-’89, Zia [Uddin, drummer], who plays in the solo band with me, and I were playing a handful of Soundgarden songs in cover bands.

“And then Alice in Chains would come over and open for national acts. I don’t even know if they’d been signed yet. So it was really cool to watch all that take off.”

He also discussed Slash and Mark Tremonti, “”There were a few guys in my town, guitar players, who were just prodigies, they were crazy good in their mid-teens. And I would watch these guys and think, ‘I’m never going to be able to do that.’

“But the thing that I had was that drive. I’m too stupid to know when to quit. I’m kind of bull-headed. And I still am.

“I just kept working at it. I look at Mark Tremonti, he’s hard-wired the same way, where he just refuses to stop. And Slash is a total workaholic.

“The common theme with a lot of people I’ve worked with is that work ethic. There might be natural ability there to a point, but it’s the work ethic that takes you to a different realm.”