The Offspring Reveal Why New Album Took A Decade


The Offspring singer Kevin “Noodles” Wasserman spoke to Terrie Carr of the 105.5 WDHA about the band’s upcoming tenth studio album, “Let The Bad Times Roll”, taking nearly a decade to come out.

Noodles said: “I’ve been saying this record is gonna come out since 1985. So I figured I’m finally right. This year is the year, finally… And we did take our time doing this, for a couple of reasons. We always go out and tour, and it’s hard to record while we’re out touring. We tour, like, three or four months out of every year, for sure.

My friend Dexter went back and got his PhD [degree in molecular biology]; we’re very proud of him. He got that about three years ago. And then the last three years, we really kind of knuckled down and started working on this record. There was a couple of things that were done, but we had a real creative spurt at that point, and we have even more songs than just what are on the record now.

So we are already kind of looking ahead at the next record. When the pandemic hit, we looked at what we had for this one and went, ‘Well, we don’t know if we wanna release it when we can’t tour. So let’s keep working on it.’ And eventually, it was, like, ‘It’s done. The fans need to hear this. We wanna get it out to the fans.’ So we couldn’t wait anymore.”