Watch Kurt Cobain’s Daughter Play “Fall to Pieces”


Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain has uploaded video of herself a brand new song that she just wrote last night. “Crazy For It (You Think I’m Going Down” or “Fall to Pieces” seem like good working titles.

She posted the lyrics along with an explanation behind the song:

“Crazy for it
You think I’m goin down
I think I should be in line to
Save myself
I don’t mind the sun sometimes
Break me open
And I’ll fall to pieces
State your business
Or keep your distance
I’m not done just yet
Long live no one
Nowhere never
Keep telling yourself
it’s gotta get better
As you move through time
As you move through time

I wrote this here rough yet delicate tune last night. The creative death rattle of 2018, as it were. It’s been a weird one but I’ve never felt more creatively charged or more in control of my own narrative.”

  • Sean Lennon said it best – “The only thing I did to get all this media attention was being born to famous parents”.

    • lisa6464

      He actually said that? Wow..guess he did get a sardonic attitude like his dad, respect him for his honesty. Frances should take a few pages from his notebook. (afterall, Lennon WAS Kurt’s idol). I know he had experimented with music -and worked with his mom- but basically, I don’t think he would disagree that it was a in and off hobby. I don’t think had illusions of becoming a rock star. The guy is set financially right?
      I’ve taken a listen at Ms. Cobain’s offerings since she began posting. Is it me- or does every song sound alike? Ughh…unfortunately, this young lady is probably surrounded by yes men & a mom who, come on, has no qualms about exploiting her only child – as well as already traumatized part of her childhood & got her hooked on prescription pills. Don’t see a great future unfolding here. Like Sean, she’s financially set for life. Do music as a hobby and go underground and live your life- and get away from that mother. She owes her nothing. Courtney spent nearly her daughters entire childhood being a fucking prefessional widow/addict/and frequent defendant -usually in some state of being fucked up. I have no doubt whatsoever she is still drugged out…and druggy moms don’t give a shit about their kids. Anyway.. kinda started rambling there lol.., 😁
      Merry 🌲

      • Actually, Sean has some pretty good recordings, you might check out ‘Boomerang Baby’.