Ozzy Osbourne Makes Stunning AIDS Revelation


Ozzy Osbourne recently made an emotional AIDS statement on Twitter for Elton John’s foundation EJAF. Metallica’s bassist just revealed a painful Ozzy Osbourne photo.

“For us, @EJAF calls to mind humanity and helping people. We want our grandchildren to grow up in an #AIDS free world.”

Today, we’d like to give a special mention to @OzzyOsbourne and @MrsSOsbourne for their devoted support to our cause throughout the years. Thank you both!”

Mrcarrot9 recently posted on Reddit, “Is Ozzy going to die soon? His upcoming album seems to be a recap of his life, he had a very rough year last year…Bowie’s last album was a recap of his life as well….I’m scared.

Crazybaby13 responded, “Look everyone, at this point I think we should all be grateful that we have been blessed with all the albums, tours and the general long life that NOBODY thought he would have.

I am almost ashamed to say that I took my son to see OZZY when he was six because ,who would have thought that OZZY would still be alive and touring when my son was 29? I did not. Now , I’m almost sure OZZY will out live me. Only time will tell. Also, I would like to point out that last year I went to see Phil Collins who is 2 years younger than OZZY .

Great show for sure, but he SAT the entire show!!!! I have yet to see OZZY sit EVER during a show. I am a very long time fan of OZZY and I would go to any show of his regardless of his health or ability to stand, or jump around on stage . HE IS OZZY !!!!!AND HE ALWAYS MAKES ME GO F***ING CRAZY!!!! LOVE FOR THE MADAMN!” Ozzy Osbourne’s son just reacted to a sad ‘death bed’ photo.

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