Metallica Bassist Reveals Painful Ozzy Osbourne Photo


Rob Trujillo recently posted a photo of him kissing legendary Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne on Instagram. A painful reminder of the health scare Ozzy recently went through, fans are grateful that the Prince of Darkness is going to pull through, and will be releasing his new album, Ordinary Man, on February 20th.

In other news, a fan recently took to Reddit to describe his theory regarding the storyline of Metallica’s epic “The Unforgiven”. Ozzy Osbourne son reacts to sad deathbed photo.

“I know i’m probably thinking about this too hard. I think the three Unforgiven songs are telling a man’s lifestory, but in reverse. The story begins with The Unforgiven III, the man is going to the hospital because his child is going to be born. He finally makes it at dawn, hence the lyric “How could he know this new dawn’s light would change his life forever.” The Unforgiven II is about him talking to his child, who is going through some sort of problem with a group of people, “tell me what they’ve done”. The Unforgiven talks about the man, who is old now just trying to enjoy the little about of time he has. His child just had a child of their own. “New blood joins this earth.” This most likely is just me looking way too hard. I thought it was an interesting thought though.” Ozzy ‘begging’ for money was revealed not too long ago.

Others reacted:

“I don’t know if this is true & I don’t care…love it!!!”

“I like the idea that this is one of two intended meanings. In reverse, it shows a man growing old as he watches his child go through life, but played in order, it shows an old man on death’s door remembering the struggles and triumphs of life.” Ozzy Osbourne recently took a vicious shot at his wife.

“James has said it’s his story, and 3 is the conclusion. I like your theory though!”