Pearl Jam Reveal Disappointing New Album News


Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament was recently interviewed by 103.3 The Trail in Montana, and he gave an update on the band’s new album, stating that he hopes the band will get back to work on the record soon, and that it is only halfway done with ‘a lot’ of work still to be done.

“Yeah, we are smack dab in the middle. We have a lot of work to do. Once we get these shows done, we will probably get back at it. I hope.”

He was then asked if his bandmates ever come out to his home to work on new material.

“Occasionally yeah, those guys come out.”

Pearl Jam are expected to release a new album in 2019. Their last album was 2013’s Lightning Bolt.

Wishlist Foundation is honored to welcome renowned photographer/film maker/documentarian Danny Clinch as a special guest to their Pearl Jam fan-run fundraiser event at the Showbox SoDo before the band’s second night of The Home Shows at Safeco Field on Friday, August 10th. 

Clinch will host a special “Clinch Crates at Wishlist” pop up shop at the fundraiser tailored towards the die-hard Pearl Jam fan community that Wishlist Foundation serves.

“After coming across boxes of prints from my archive that were in my storage I thought about doing a Pop Up Gallery / Sale of these prints. Many I had printed myself, after long hours in the darkroom I had several additional prints that were almost identical. Into my archive they went, I had kept ‘em all. We decided to make an old school crate digging style event in honor of music and vinyl lovers everywhere.

This time, I will concentrate on my Pearl Jam archive and those artists who have a connection to them in some way. Come and flip through the photographs, while listening to some great tunes. 

Thank you to the Wishlist Foundation for having us.” – Danny Clinch

Clinch joins Wishlist Foundation in support of The Home Shows, Pearl Jam’s massive initiative to spotlight efforts across Seattle to address the region’s homelessness issue. Over the past 28 years, the City of Seattle’s population has grown by 40%. The region’s homelessness population is now the third largest in the country, with over 12,000 people living without shelter on any one night. A portion of the proceeds from Clinch Crates at Wishlist will be going to The Home Shows and support homeless initiatives.

Fans attending the Wishlist fundraiser will have the opportunity to purchase rare Pearl Jam prints and photos of other legendary musicians taken by Danny Clinch, dig through his crates full of photos, and meet the photographer himself to find out more about the stories behind his work.

This special one-day Clinch Crates at Wishlist event is open to the public from 12 – 5 PM on Friday, August 10th, with the fundraiser open until 7 PM. All ages are welcome at the Showbox SoDo, 1700 1st Ave. South, Seattle, WA. Tickets can be purchased for $10 at the box office the day of the event, or in advance from the Showbox Presents. Visit Wishlist Foundation for more information.

  • Maria da Penha e João da Lapa

    they are afraid.
    the last albums are shit
    Insecure artists
    The do not gets good songs anymore.
    sorry to say

    • Whitey Black

      Shit? No. Almost every successful band hears how their earlier albums/shows were so much better. That bitching usually comes from ppl who haven’t listened to an entire album in years. PJ’s all around longevity makes them, to me, the greatest American band out there today.

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    And fuck you cunts

    Now go rock the fuck out to Talking Heads!

  • N.

    id rather they not come out with an album full of “can’t deny me”, and go back and make some proper PJ music.

    • theseeker7

      first time I listened to Can’t Deny Me, I honestly don’t know why at this point they’d compose a song in such a way where the pitch for pretty much all the verses is in an area Ed simply can’t hit anymore. And I’m not calling him a bad singer, not at all. He’s still a totally quality singer, but obviously he just can’t go as far as when he was 30, which is not unreasonable. It’s incredibly rare for a front man to still retain all of his range 20+ years on. Accept a basic reality and compose your music accordingly.

      • PhoenixForce5

        Its not just the pitch. Its everything about the song. At best its a B-side.

        • theseeker7

          oh don’t get me wrong, no top to bottom I didn’t find it a particular great song (though, thankfully, it didn’t quite stoop to the depths of “Ole”). But that aspect of how the verses are supposed to go really blew my mind, it’s like c’mon guys he actively sounds bad.

  • Jason Royal

    I saw the scraming harpy “we will not be denied” I wrote off what they are doing as political drivel nothing of substance just more complaining. I’ll pass on the album

  • Bad Seed

    Considering PJ hasn’t put out a great album for 16 years, I can’t say that this is too devastating of a development…

  • Stifler’s Mom

    I know the last album didn’t set the world on fire, but I absolutely love Lightning Bolt. Easily their most eclectic album since No Code, and some of their very best songs since the early days: Getaway, Sirens, Pendulum, Yellow Moon, Future Days. Can’t wait for the next album, whenever it finally gets here.

    • Stone Gossardish

      There was a lot of really good stuff on the Bolt record. A lot of really good sounds. But it was seriously hurt by the change of direction mid way through. They would’ve been better making an entire album that sounded like the first part of the record, and a totally different album that sounded like the softer second half. And then, there was the cover song. It still makes me cringe and skip it every time. It’s just disgusting.

      But there is so much good on that record from Getaway to Future Days, with a good bit in between. It was the change of direction midway through that hurt the album. But the songs from LB are probably better overall than Backspacer, though Backspace is the better and more cohesive album.

      • person

        What song on Lightning Bolt is a cover?

        • Stone Gossardish

          Sleeping with Myself. It’s an Ed Vedder solo song. It’s also the most obvious B-Side ever. Just ask half the band how they feel about it, they were rather vocal during the Bolt interviews.

          • person

            I haven’t seen PJ since 2010.
            I’ll always check out what they’re up to, but the thrill is gone.
            How many times do I need to hear Rockin’ In The Free World?

          • Stone Gossardish

            It would be nice to hear a few more Pearl Jam songs and a few less Rockin reruns, no matter how timely the song is. I hear you there.

    • theseeker7

      I have tried so many times now over the years, but I’m sorry I still just can’t do it with Sirens. In some ways I kinda wonder sometimes if the “lovers” aren’t actually just trolling the rest of the fans lol And I can even respect the desire to want to try something different, but good lord it is just so bad.
      I do, however, loved Getaway like friggin crazy since the very first time I heard it. Easily my favorite tune off the last record. It was virtually instantly in my top 25 fave PJ of all.

    • PhoenixForce5

      Lord knows I tried loving Lightning Bolt but just couldn’t.

  • Stone Gossardish

    This news is no surprise. I don’t they’re anywhere close to being done. And if ToTD was still working, they’d be even further out from another record.

    There’s still a sizable issue in terms of Pearl Jam recording. That hasn’t changed, and Ament kind of indicated what appears to be the heart of it.

  • PhoenixForce5

    Lets face it, I wasn’t excited for a Pearl Jam release. Haven’t been for a long time. I’m probably more excited for Alice in Chains because Cantrell has not lost that spark.

  • sharkguitar

    No problem Eddie…all Pearl Jam’s Albums in the last twenty five years have been disappointing. We’re used to it.

    • You do the fuck off

      • sharkguitar

        That’s a cold shot.

        • Boom no care about the cold or the hot. You no never do the ripping of the Pearl Jam.

          Boom out!!

          Now go rock the fuck out to the band callled Television, record called the 1977.

          • sharkguitar

            I’ve had Marque Moon since it came out.

  • Berkeley5th